Swaran Ghar the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen Swaran (Sangita Ghosh) handling everything all alone when Kanwaljeet Bedi (Ronit Bose Roy) suffered a brain stroke. He needs a life-saving injection and further medication which Swaran’s sons have promised to get done in the USA.

However, Swaran has been facing some issues with her sons when she understands that they do not want to take up the costly affair of medication. The second-hand wheelchair that almost forced Kanwaljet to fall, was one such example.

The coming drama will see Swaran facing yet another shock. We know that Swaran considers her home, Swaran Ghar as her fourth kid. Now, in this troubled time, in order to raise money and make the most of it, the sons of Swaran will send a property dealer home to fix a price for the house.

Swaran will be shocked to know of the sale and will argue with the man and send him off. She will be in despair and will not be ready to believe that her sons want to sell the house. However, when her son will yell at her for behaving badly with the dealer, the world around Swaran will come crashing down.

Will Swaran be able to save her house?