In the upcoming episode of Neela Film Productions Private Limited’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, viewers will see Popatlal and his colleague – Bharti in deep trouble. Their sting operation has gone bust and the two have been now abducted by the black marketers whom Popatlal was planning to expose.

Sting operation, code named – Kaala Kauva was making good progress and team Gokuldhaam was well on its way to expose the syndicate. However, Popatlal falls for the resort receptionist who in fact is part of the gang. In his fragile state of heart, Popatlal gives her the information she is seeking and quickly notifies her associates about Popatlal’s real identity. Not only does the gang abduct both Popatlal and his colleague but also they destroy all the evidence collected against them. Jethaalal, Champakklal and Bagha find out that Popatlal and Bharti are missing and realize that the black marketers must have abducted them.

Popatlal and his colleague both are in grave danger now. Will Jethaalal pull of a heroic act and rescue them while keeping his own identity safe? The trio, Jethaalal, Champakklal and Bagha put their minds together to think of a plan to safely rescue Popatlal and Bharti. But how will get in and out of such a dangerous scenario?