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Radhika to attempt suicide in Tara from Satara

Tara from Satara: OMG! Radhika to attempt suicide

Sony Entertainment Television’s Tara from Satara has been successful in attracting the audience’s attention and is serving interesting drama.

The unique concept of the show that comes as a plus to the new genre of Dramality, that is the amalgamation of Drama and Reality, has been effective in making its place in the hearts of the audiences.

Now, in the coming episode, Radhika will be seen standing at the edge of the terrace and shedding tears. She is sad as she has been asked to do western dance on the show, Dancer No. 1. Tara and Arjun will be looking for her in the whole dance academy, but unable to find her, they will go outside and see Radhika standing on the terrace. Afraid that she might jump, they will run upstairs.

Will they reach on time and save her?

Watch this space for more updates.

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