Rahul bribes choreographer to win Dancer No. 1 in Tara from Satara

Tara from Satara: Rahul bribes choreographer to win Dancer No. 1

Sony Entertainment Television’s show Tara from Satara, produced by IdeaRack Private Limited and Frames Production Company, has entertained audiences with interesting twists and turns.

As seen so far, Mr. Bachchan is seen motivating Tara (Roshni Walia) for her journey when her best friend Amuk highlights the fact that she thinks that she has no talent. This chance encounter takes place when Tara mistakes her set for another and lands up on the KBC set.

Now, in the coming episode, Rahul (Ashwini Koul) conspires against all the contestants with the choreographer and bribes him to make him win. Choreographer calls the producer of Dancer No. 1 and tells that he has a full proof plan to win. He also tells him that if Rahul wins the show then her father, who is also a popular film producer, would help them further in their future projects.

Will Rahul succeed in his evil acts?

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