Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani the Colors show produced by Optimystix saw Kajol’s father getting into a major mess when he lost the bag full of money on the road when he got beaten. He was reeling in pain on the road when Dr Anurag Basu (Karan Suchak) helped him and took him to the hospital.

Dr Anurag summoned Kajol (Ishita Dutta) and his family to tell them to take a full check-up of the father, as his blood pressure got high. However, Bishu just brushed his sickness off saying he will get it done after Kajol’s marriage.

Now in the coming drama, Arjun (Harshad Arora) will invite Kajol and family for their lavish retro-themed party. However, Bishu will ask the kids to go and enjoy.

Kajol will come gracefully dressed in a saree, and Arjun will be bowled over by her looks. He will introduce Kajol to all his friends, as his better half. This will not go down well with Shreya (Patrali Chattopadhyay). She will drag Arjun to a corner and will start making love, even while Kajol will try to keep a watch over them.

The biggest development however, will be that of Dr Anurag and his parents coming to the party of Arjun. Arjun’s father and Anurag’s mother will be related, and Arjun’s sister will address Anurag as Anurag Dada.

Kajol will also bump into Anurag at the party and will be surprised to see him. Meanwhile, Arjun’s family will want to introduce Anurag’s family with their would-be-daughter-in-law, Kajol.

Will Anurag and Kajol get to know each other better at the party?

Kajol after her first meeting with Anurag at the hospital feels that he is a weird person who talks very less.