Check out Dangal TV's popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke's latest episode number 109 spoiler, where the audience will see that doctors reveal that Rajeev can see again, for which the doctors begin preparation.

Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke Episode 109 Spoiler: Rajeev Can See Again, Doctors Prepare For Operation

In Dangal TV’s popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke viewers are witnessing intense drama. You will see that Rajeev communicates with the family, and then the doctor comes. The doctor checks Rajeev’s eyes. After that, he takes his MRI reports. After analyzing the report, the doctor is shocked and reveals that Rajeev is extremely lucky. He says that Rajeev can see again, and to regain his eyesight, he has to undergo an operation and get the pupil of his eyes from someone.

Hearing this good news, all the family members feel blessed, while Hansini and Khushboo seem unhappy. Soon, Hansini comes out and meets Awadhesh, who dresses as a beggar. Hansini shares the entire with Awadhesh. After this, Awadhesh takes a vow that he won’t let Rajeev regain his eyesight. Soon, the doctor asks a family member to find the pupils of the eyes.

In addition, the doctor also reveals that this operation has to be done within 48 hours. After this, Dev Narayan, Sanjeev, and Sambhu start their search for the pupil of the eyes, but they fail to find it. Soon, the doctor tells Dev Narayan that he has irises, and now Rajeev will be able to see the world with his own eyes again. Hearing this news, Dev Narayan becomes very happy.

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