Check out Dangal TV's popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke, latest Episode number 103, where you will see that Kuhu proves Dev Narayan

Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke Spoiler: Kuhu Proves Dev Narayan Innocent

In Dangal TV’s popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke, the audiences are witnessing intense drama with an interesting storyline. Now, the audience will see that Madhu and Hansini get Kuhu kidnapped from behind with the smell of drugs and hide her in the trunk of the car. Other than that, Awadesh has ordered his mother to take care of Kuhu and that she should not get hurt anyway,, leaving his mother in shock.

On the other hand, everyone gets upset as Kuhu cannot be found anywhere at home. This breaks Rajvee’s heart, and he starts blaming himself and bangs his head on the wall. While locked in the truck, Kuhu tries to come out of the car.

However, after many attempts, Kuhu finally succeeds and gets out of the car. Madhu and Hansini are shocked to see Kuhu at home. Later, Kuhu reveals that Awadhesh is behind all this, after which everyone starts looking for Awadhesh in the house. While Madhu tries hard to prove her son innocent, Kuhu brings proof in front of everyone that Awadhesh is guilty.

Kuhu goes to Awadhesh’s room and finds the 2 pen drive, which she shows everyone. After this, everyone gets to know the truth and also that Dev Narayan is not the murderer of his father. Later, everyone begs pardon to Dev Narayan, and in return, Dev Narayan also begs pardon from everyone.

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