Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen the happy moment of Tejo (Priyanka Chaudhary) being told about everything that happened in the last 9 months. Tejo was so vexed on seeing Fateh (Ankit Gupta) near her house that she went to beat him up with log sticks. That was when Tejo’s family decided to tell Tejo the truth. They told Tejo about her marriage with Fateh, and all about how protective Fateh has been towards her.

This will make Tejo mellow down on her tone and body language with Fateh. Tejo will be seen apologizing to Fateh in the coming episodes. However, when the families will think that Tejo will now move on in life and will accept Fateh and the wedding, Tejo will hit a rebound. She will tell them that she is not ready to accept the marriage, which she does not remember.

This will come as a shock to all, but Fateh will again give Tejo the space to find herself, understand her past and present and decide on her future.

What will happen next?