Ultimately it will be the victory of good over evil in the culmination track of &TV’s Kuldeepak.

Victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’: Preview to the culmination of &TV’s Kuldeepak

&TV’s Kuldeepak, produced by Shobhna Desai Productions will show the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’ in its culmination track!! As we know, Kuldeepak will end on 5 August, with Esselvision’s Vani Rani taking the slot from 7 August.

The story which showed the struggle of a mother to save her kid who has been possessed by the evil will see a fitting ending.

In the track to come, Vidya (Keerti Nagpure) will opt to do the Nirjala Yagya with all the other mothers of the house in order to save her son from the evil spirit.

As per sources, “After all the struggle wherein the evil force will try to stop her from completing the yagya, Vidya will finish it successfully and will put the bhasm (ash) of the yagya on Chirag (Vansh Maheshwari).”

With this, the evil power within Chirag will leave him, but it will also cause the death of Chirag.


So will Chirag die in the finale episode?

Well, if sources are to be believed, there will be huge drama with Chirag’s death.

Devang (Shardul Pandit) who has always been an atheist will for the first time step into the altar of God in a temple with the dead Chirag in his hand.

Our source adds, “There will be an emotional confrontation of Devang with the God wherein he will cry for his son’s life.”

Will Matarani open her eyes and bless Chirag with long life?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates. Also, let us take this occasion to bid adieu to the cast and  crew of Kuldeepak!!

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