Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is Sony SAB’s relatable family drama that follows the lives of a middle-class family. With its endearing characters and thought-provoking narrative, Wagle Ki Duniya strikes a chord with its viewers while highlighting the struggles of a common man. After a drama filled week where Vandana Wagle (Pariva Pranati) invited Vidya (Sukanya Surve), Manoj’s past companion to the Wagle family’s Holi celebration, the next few episodes will see Sakhi Wagle (Chinmayee Salvi) take a major decision about her future.

The upcoming track will follow Sakhi as she decides to pursue further studies abroad. Vandana and Rajesh, who are both extremely supportive parents, always encourage their daughter to chase her goals. However, the senior Wagle’s have their reservations about sending their only granddaughter away. Being an ambitious/passionate young girl, will Sakhi decide to send out her applications? Or will her soft spot for her grandparents hold her back?

What will Sakhi’s decision be?

Chinmayee Salvi, who essays the role of Sakhi Wagle, said, “I think every girl has a point in her life where she must make a decision that will define who she becomes. But, when that decision is influenced by her family, it becomes difficult to take a call. Sakhi’s dream to study abroad showcases her ambition but also highlights her love for her family. Sakhi’s soft spot for her grandparents and her parents unending support will both prove instrumental to the end decision. This is an extremely relatable experience for a lot of young girls, and I hope the audience finds a part of themselves in Sakhi.”