Sony SAB’s Wagle ki Duniya never fails to strike a chord with the audiences with its relatable story of the Wagle family and their daily lives. What makes this show worthy of praise are the frequent messages it delivers by consistently shedding light on topics which are brushed under the carpet. Maintaining its streak of raising awareness, the show is once again addressing a topic that many people are not aware of.

Harshad and Jyoti of the Sai Darshan Society are looking for a groom for their daughter Gungun, who does not oppose this idea. This would have been wonderful news if Gungun hadn’t been too young to marry. When society members find out, they are shocked and try to persuade Harshad to change his mind, but Harshad won’t budge. Sakhi investigates and learns that the real reason for the haste is since Gungun has been diagnosed with PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), which the family was attempting to hide. After consulting with a doctor and learning about its effects on fertility and the menstrual cycle, Harshad decides to marry her off young. Vandana, who cannot stand by and watch a young girl suffer as a result of a hasty decision, asks Rajesh to speak with Harshad and convince him that an early marriage isn’t the solution to her diagnosis, whereas living a healthy life is.

What will Rajesh do now? Will the Wagle’s be able to change Harshad’s mind?

Expressing her thoughts on PCOD, Chinamayee Salvi who plays Sakhi states, “Many people are unfamiliar with PCOD in fact it has become more common in women as a result of a stressful lifestyle. PCOD causes several issues, including infertility and severe menstrual bleeding, all of which take a toll on women’s mental health. However, marrying at a young age under such pressure does not solve the problem. I hope through our show, we can educate people about this disorder and encourage them to make healthy and thoughtful decisions in their lives. Our goal is to raise awareness among people of all genders so that women who are suffering from this condition can get the help they need.”