Chandragupta makes his firsts attempt to emerge from the pit. will he succeed?

Will Chandragupta Maurya be able to emerge out of the dark pit?

Chandragupta Maurya, the historical saga on Sony Entertainment Television has managed to grab the audience’ attention. The show is all set for a 5-year leap after Ambhi Kumar lays Chandragupta and Chanakya in a pit and challenges them of their rescue. The viewers will be introduced to the grown-up Chandragupta Maurya who is going to be played by a well-known dancer and actor, Faisal Khan.

As per the ongoing track, Ambhi Kumar has trapped Chandragupta and Chanakya in the dark pit. He has challenged them to survive in extreme situation and find their way out of the pit. While they are in the pit, they witness a lot of interesting twists and turns. Chanakya will leave no stone unturned to train Chandragupta both mentally and physically.  He recites Porus’ journey to Chandragupta, tells him tales of his bravery and they ways he fought with Alexander to protect his kingdom. Even on death bed, he took a promise from Chanakya to fulfil his dream of Akhand Bharat. This inspires Chandragupta and he vows to come out of the pit soon.

On the other hand, Chandragupta makes allies in the dark pit. Who are these allies and how will they help Chandragupta? Meanwhile, Mura and Sthool try all possible ways to get Chandragupta out of the pit and their struggle continues. Durdhara is inadmissible of Dhananand’s love and Dhananand channelizes his anger towards Chandragupta waging a war to win over all janpads.

Chandragupta makes his firsts attempt to emerge from the pit. Does he succeed?

To find out, watch Chandragupta Maurya at 8:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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