Watch out for the major turning points in the popular Zee TV show.

Prem’s ‘real identity’ revelation and DSR’s death in Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi

Zee TV’s popular show Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi (Deejaa Films and Pixx Productions) will see huge drama with a big revelation and a death, stunning audiences…

Yes, the revelation will be about Prem’s real identity and that will that of Prem (Pranav Misshra) not being Dharam Snigh Rathore’s (Rasik Dave) son!!


Yes tonight’s episode will bring out this truth before the audiences..

We hear that Prem will be the son of Mandira (Anjali Ujawane), and that DSR would have taken away Mandira’s son soon after his birth without the knowledge of anyone…

Well, if this is big, the coming episode will see a tragedy happening in Rathore family.

That will be the death of DSR himself…

As per a credible source, “DSR will be going in a car to deliver the diamonds when his car will explode, thus killing him. The whole family will be shocked and will blame Prem for the murder…

Well, certainly these turning points will indeed shake the whole family and the audiences too…

Considering that DSR is one of the very popular characters in the show, will there be a twist created to bring him back from the dead?

Only time will tell.

We buzzed the artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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