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These 3 heartbreaking scenes from Kundali Bhagya will tear you apart!

3 Kundali Bhagya’s Scenes That Are Guaranteed To Break Your Heart

We have witnessed some great breakdown moments in the history of television. Right from being the closest friends for a moment and suddenly being the strangers, Karan and Preeta’s journey from Kundali Bhagya has been a roller-coaster one, let’s see the reason behind it!

It was Karan who is upset and is sharing his grief with Preeta. The way he showed his concern for his brother Rishabh is the reason he is the best. The way Dheeraj Dhoopar acted in the scene with emotional punch was the best heart-breaking scene of Karan.

We know how much Preeta loves Karan but she doesn’t want to admit it, right? With their cute banter and funny punches, this time the situation got out of their hands and Preeta was ready to marry Prithvi. But Karan comes in the middle of the wedding and stops the wedding. He fights with everyone and then gets into a confrontation with Prithvi. But Preeta doesn’t want to marry him, see why!

This time again Karan was the catch. Monisha and Karan are about to get married but a guy comes in the middle of their wedding and tells Karan that Hrithik’s murder, putting Rishabh in jail, and now this wedding, all these were planned by Monisha. Karan gets upset, check what happened next?

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