Here is a recap of Baalveer Returns

Do you MISS Baalveer Returns during quarantine? Here is RECAP for you

Vivaan aka Vansh Sayani and Debu’s aka Dev Joshi society, Bharat Nagar is celebrating the festival of colors, Holi with full pomp and show but little do they know that Timnasa aka Pavitra Punia has equally grand plans to destroy everyone to get hold of Nakabposh aka Dev Joshi.

The upcoming episodes of Baalveer Returns, for the first time, will witness Timnasa scared for her life as a mysterious figure is determined to destroy her existence. The viewers must brace themselves to witness Timnasa celebrate Holi while donning a saree and while plotting her vicious scheme to kill the entire Bharat Nagar.

Timnasa is leaving no stone unturned to expose and killing Nakabposh to destroy the secret that can lead to her death. To execute her plan, Timnasa takes a disguise by donning a saree and participates in the Holi celebration in Bharat Nagar with evil intentions to lure Nakabposh into revealing himself.

The upcoming episodes are only going to get much more thrilling and the viewers should brace themselves for an action-packed episode further as Timnasa always has a plan up her sleeves and she stops at nothing.

But due to COVID-19, the episodes are not shot and we have to watch the recap of previous episodes, take a look:

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