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Recap of Karan and Preeta’s hot chemistry we are missing so badly

Do you MISS Kundali Bhagya during quarantine? Here is the RECAP for you

Zee TV popular show Kundali Bhagya couple Karan and Preeta (played by  Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya) give us a perfect example of relationship goals. Each relationship has its ups and downs that make them even more relatable to the audiences.

Karan and Preeta of Kundali Bhagya are one among them all. Fans have fondly nicknamed the duos as #PreeRan. They enjoy watching their playful arguments and cute moments together. There are many scenes of them that you can’t afford to miss.

Karan goes to Preeta’s house to confront her about Mahira but he finds himself getting attracted to Preeta. Karan tries to prank her in the shower but makes himself wet. He had an eye-lock moment with her. She slips in the bathroom and he holds her in his arms and spends some moments close to her.

Who can forget the most iconic and romantic proposal ever! Karan stops Preeta’s wedding with Prithvi by taking his place in the mandap. When Karan reveals himself as Preeta’s husband, he goes down on one knee and proposes her. Preeta accepts his proposal and marries him instead of Prithvi. Well, that is the most romantic scene we ever witnessed.

Since the show is on the break duo to COVID-19; here we are taking you down to the memory lane of some of the amazing PreeRan moments!

Check them out below!

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