These Kundali Bhagya’s viral scenes will blow your mind for sure!

Most Viral Scenes From Kundali Bhagya

We all come across many moments from our favorite shows but we don’t notice much that the scene sometimes we underestimate, turns out to be one of the most viral scenes from the show. Today, we got our hands on some of the most viral scenes from Kundali Bhagya. Put your seatbelt on, and enjoy the ride.

Kundali Bhagya’s Dheeraj Dhoopar, Shraddha Arya, Manit Joura, Sanjay Gagnani, Swati Kapoor, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Abhishek Kapur, Anjum Fakih, and Supriya Shukla, all of them contributed equally to make the show stand in the list of Top 5 shows.

Remember the time when Karan was trying to prove to Preeta that Sherlyn’s boyfriend is Prithvi. Both Karan and Preeta are chasing Prithvi. But Preeta still thinks that he is a very simple man and he can’t cheat her. On the other side we see Sherlyn, Prithvi, and Sanju who are arguing. Sanju wants to kill Karan and Preeta while Prithvi and Sherlyn are trying to convince him this is not a way to solve every problem.

Yes, it was the time when Karan came to Preeta to thank her but ended up fighting with her. Both throw aata at each other and are fighting like kids. Then Rishabh enters the kitchen and scolds Karan for being silly but didn’t expect this from Preeta. After saying, Rishabh too falls on the platform and makes himself dirty. After a pause of 3 seconds, all three of them start laughing at each other. Later, Sarla enters the kitchen and she joins the laughter club.

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