Bigg Boss 01st October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-01: Bigg Boss introduces Salman as the host of the season. Salman welcomes the audience and discusses this season’s theme. He introduces all the contestants. Nimrit is the first house captain.

Bigg Boss 01st October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-01: Salman introduces all the contestants

Today’s Bigg Boss episode starts with Bigg boss introducing the new season. Salman Khan Greet and welcome the audience. He talks about the concept of the show and reveals that Bigg Boss himself would play this time. Salman calls Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia from Choti Sarrdarni on stage as the first contestant. Nimrit speaks by wearing blinders. She explained why entering the house makes her happy and why Salman Khan is her lucky charm. Nimrit asks Salman to join her on her Bigg Boss journey. As her character Choti Sardarni does, she desires for Nimrit to get affection from her admirers. Nimrit tells Salman that she is also a lawyer. She and Salman act out a courtroom scene. Salman participates in the project. Nimrit and Salman dance together.

Nimrit walks inside the home. Nimrit is welcomed by Bigg Boss, who chooses to have her come to the house because she is the first contestant. Bigg Boss takes her around the house, showing her everything from the dining room to the living room. When Nimrit sees the house, she gets delighted. Nimrit is given the chance to serve as the first house captain on Bigg Boss 16. He requests that she allocate the up-coming candidates one duty and one bed. Nimrit consents to the test. Abdu is welcomed onto the stage by Salman Khan. Abdu performs a song from a Salman Khan film. Salman converses with Abdu. Abdu claims to be 19 years old and a boxer and vocalist. Abdu wants to lead the household as captain. After coming inside, Abdu encounters Nimrit.

Then in Bigg Boss, Abdu receives a task and a bed from Nimrit. Due to his love for cooking, Abdu decides to take over the kitchen. He also looks for his bed. Nimrit assists Abdu in organising his belongings. Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chaudhary are then welcomed to the stage by Salman Khan. Salman and Ankit had a conversation. They discuss Udariyaan. Priyanka admits that Ankit is a close friend of hers and speaks of their relationship. Salman finds Priyanka and Ankit’s humour amusing. Salman tests Ankit and Priyanka’s compatibility. He continues to see who will wink between Priyanka and Ankit. Priyanka wins thanks to Ankit. Ankit and Priyanka walk inside the home. Nimrit and Priyanka talk about chores and bed. Priyanka and Ankit talk about the obligations. MC Stan is introduced by Salman.

Later in Bigg Boss, MC Stan entertains Salman by doing rap. He introduces his life and career. He admitted to clearing up his controversies. Salman inquires about MC Stan’s name. Stan claims that his real name is Altaf. Salman questions MC about his strategy. MC claims that since Bigg Boss is on, he accepted this offer. He claims to miss his loved ones and girlfriend. MC is sent inside the house by Salman. Roommates get to know MC Stan. Archana Gautam is introduced by a reporter. He inquires as to what she can’t live without. According to Archana, she cannot survive without chutney, she is carrying a grinding stone. Archana Gautam is welcomed by Salman. Archana is eager to participate in the game. Salman and she talk together. Gautam Vij is introduced by Salman Khan.

Lastly in Bigg Boss, Gautam and Archana engage in conversation with Salman. Gautam and Archana also get to know several housemates. When her housemates ask her to make chutney for them after noticing a grinding stone, Archana responds that she cooks well. Nimrit shows Archana the bedroom. Archana chooses a bed. Nimrit is summoned to the confessional by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss thinks that she was not the best choice for captain ship. He challenges us about disclosing the task. Nimrit recognises her error. Bigg Boss gives her one more chance to complete the challenge. Nimrit regrets disappointing Bigg Boss. Abdu enjoys talking with the housemates. Shalin Bhanot makes an introduction. Shalin and Salman Khan converse.

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