Bigg Boss 08th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-08: Neena Gupta and Rashmika Mandanna visit the house to promote their new film GoodBye. Salman speaks Telugu for Rashmika. The housemates say Pushpa films dialogue and they all dance to the Sami Sami song for Rashmika.

Bigg Boss 08th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-08: Housemates perform Sami Sami dance for Rashmika Mandanna

Today’s Bigg Boss episode starts with Salman Khan greeting everyone. He talks about the Saam, Daam, Dans and Bhed theme of the season. Salman says today’s episode will be power packed. Salman meets housemates through TV. He talks about Sreejita and Manya’s fight. Salman tells Ankit that he seems unaffected by not getting invited to his party. Ankit says what belongs to him will come to him automatically. Salman schools Ankit for not being visible. He asks Priyanka and Ankit to not disappoint his fans. Salman tells the inmates that there is no script and they should stop pretending and start playing games. He further tells about the Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed theme of the episode. Salman asks inmates if they know what Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed. Shalin explains the meaning. Salman gives hit and flop tasks to inmates. Task starts with Shiv. Shiv gives hit tag to Abdu and flop tag to Shalin.

Nimrit gave the flop tag to Priyanka. Abdu gave the hit tag to Gautam and flop to Archana. Tina gave the hit tag to Sumbul and the flop tag to Ankit. Manya gave the hit tag to Gautam and flopped to Shreejita. Shalin gave the hit tag to Stan and flopped to Shreejita. Archana gave the hit tag to Shiv and flop tag to Tina. Sumbul calls Shalin hit and Ankit flop Gautam calls Nimrit hit and Gautam flop. Shreejita gave the hit tag to Gautam and Manya flopped. Priyanka calls Shiv hit and calls Nimrit flop. Ankit gave the hit tag to Priyanka and flopped Gauri. Stan calls Sajid hit and flop Priyanka. Sajid stuns housemates by giving flop tag to Abdu and Stan hits. Salman asks Ankit to be careful as most of them give him flop tags. On the stage, Salman welcomed Neena Gupta and Rashmika Mandanna. He promotes their movie GoodBye. Rashmika talks about her movie Good Bye and says she is liking the response of the audience.

Then in Bigg Boss, Rashmika asks Salman to speak Telugu. Salman enjoys it. Salman asks Rashmika to perform Sami Sami dance. Neena, Salman and Rashmika do the hook step of Sami. Neena, Rashmika meet housemates. Salman introduces Neena Gupta and Rashmika to the housemates. Salman talks about the Daam task. He says he has to fetch the belongings they have to perform the task given by him. Task starts with Shalin. Salman asks Shalin to dance to get the chicken. Shalin fails to impress Neena, Salman and Rashmika. Manya is asked to give deserving sash to the inmates and in return they will free her from duties of the house. Manya gave footage sash to Priyanka, Soundarya and Archana. Salman says Manya is giving diplomatic answers. He advises her to play her game as she is in the Bigg Boss house. Manya wins the task. Salman says Manya will not work until Bigg Boss’ next announcement.

Manya gets happy. Salman next asks Archana to convince Stan to give up his expensive shoe to make her win the task. Archana loses the task. Salman further asks inmates to do Pushpa’s pick line for Rashmika. Rashmika enjoys it. Housemates perform Sami dance for Rashmika. Salman promotes MY Glam. He further meets housemates and talks about Bhed. Salman says in Bhed task housemates have to choose 4 contenders whom they don’t want to see him/her as next captain of the house. Inmates put their views. At the end of the task Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdu and Gori are chosen by the inmates for being less deserving for captain. Salman gives tasks to Nimrit, Abdu, Gori and Priyanka. Gori loses the task. Priyanka and Nimrit become the contenders for the captaincy task next. Salman announces that this week no nominated contender is going home.

Later in Bigg Boss, Shalin talks with Sumbul and Nimrit. He says Tina is out of his book as everything she wants him to prove his loyalty every time. Priyanka advises Ankit to buck up his game. Shalin asks Stan if he has any problem with him. Stan says he sees him as his competitor. Tina complained to Sumbul and Gautam for not bothering and still calling them her friend. Ankit and Priyanka argue. Priyanka complained his silent nature never impressed her during Udaariyaan, and in the Bigg Boss house she can’t tolerate it. Tina talks with Stan and Soundarya about her issue with Sreejita. Stan decides to make Priyanka the next captain. Sajid refuses to support Stan. Tina complains to Shalin about calling Sumbul instead of her Tina, Soundarya, Gori and Stan decide to play their own game. Sumbul asks Archana to cook rice for her. Archana argues for not providing rice earlier.

Lastly in Bigg Boss, Gauntam gets offended for always getting less food. Archana argues with Nimrit, Gautam, Priyanka, Shrijita and others. Abdu asks Archana if her throat doesn’t hurt while shouting. Archana says no. Soundarya and Stan see Tina sitting with Shalin, Sumbul and others. They bitch about Tina for sitting in both the groups. Nimrit breaks down post her fight with Archana over food. Priyanka, Ankit, Manya correct Archana. Tina, Gautam side with Nimrit. Archana decides to quit serving and decides to cook only. Shiv, Sajid talks with Abdu and Stan. Stan says Soundarya and Tina are trying to take footage by hanging out with him. Sajid calls Shalin a mastermind. Shiv disagrees with Sajid. Salman talked about the Bigg Boss quiz.

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