Bigg Boss 16th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-16: Tina and Stan decide to not let Priyanka become the next captain. They plot against Priyanka. Sajid, Shiv and Stan decide to compete for becoming the next captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 16th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-16: Tina and Stan against Priyanka

Today’s episode started with Day 14 at 8 AM: Inmates wake up at the buzzer and sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

11 AM: Archana talks with Gautam and asks if he allotted kitchen duty to the mates. Gautam says yes. Archana accuses Gautam for allowing Soundarya to decide the duty. Gautam disagreed. Archana asks Gautam to stop following others orders and give duty on his own.

11:45 AM: Gautam discusses duties with co-contenders. Gautam give utensil cleaning duty to Abdu and Sajid. Sajid and Priyanka say Abdu won’t be able to set the dishes. Gautam and Shalin says if Abdu won’t be able to do than he will change later

12:30 PM: Abdu gives back a message to Shiv. Tina enjoys it.

1:30 PM: Nimrit, Soundarya, Gautam talk with Sumbul about Tina and Shalin. Soundarya and Nimrit expose Tina and say she told them that she is not comfortable seeing Sumbul clinging to Shalin.

2 PM: Shalin, Shiv and Abdu, Tina enjoys. Shalin tells Abdu that he will make her do work out on her eyes.

3 PM: Gautam asks housemates to keep their stuff properly or he will throw it in the garden. Gori likes the idea. Sumbul asks Shalin what Tina and he have discussed that was portrayed wrongly outside. She asks Shalin to tell the name of the person who linked her with him. Tina gets upset with Gautam for throwing her jacket. She cries. Gaitam apologize to Tina and says he was clueless to whom the jacket belong

5 PM: Abdu and Sajid decide to help each other in doing dishes. Shalin also helps Sajid and Abdu.

5:30 PM: Sumbul talk with Gautam. She says she isn’t understating why all felt she had a crush on Shalin. Gautam says Shalin told him that he feels claustrophobic around Sumbul.

5:45 PM: Sumbul confronts Shalin. Both argue with each other. Tina asks Shalin what is the matter. Shalin says he is stuck and clueless.

6 PM: Shiv, Manya, Gori, Sajid and Abdu enjoy together.

6:15 PM: Shalin reveals to Tina that Gautam is exposing them in front of Sumbul for no reason. Tina says Gautam might want him to be good in Sumbul’s eyes. Nimrit complained to Shalin and Tina for accusing them and dragging them in their matter. Tina complaint posts the incident and none come to them to confront. Shiv , Manya and Abdu do pillow fighting. Sajid asks Abdu what is going on. Abdu says Nimrit is talking with Tina and Shalin. Nimrit says she doesn’t understand Shalin’s game plan. She add she is feeling Shalin and Tina using her as a pawn

7 PM: Tina asks Gautam and Shalin to talk. Shalin says he lost all his trust in Gautam. Gautam asks Shalin to low his voice. Both argue with each other.
Abdu asks Soundarya what is the matter. Soundarya says Shalin used Sumbul and her. Shalin complained to Gautam and Nimrit for not walking up to him after the last day.

8 PM: Nimrit complaint to Shalin for being bipolar. She adds it feels Shalin has two personalities. Nimrit says Shalin keeps switching. Abdu turns doctor and entertains Ankit, Shiv, Archana, Sajid, Gori and Stan.

9:45 PM: Sumbul talks with Sajid and says she cleared that she didn’t have any crush on Shalin but doesn’t understand what went wrong. Sajid says her care towards Shalin went wrong. Shalin asks Tina if she can promise that she will never play him. Tina says she never plays with anyone.

1 AM: Abdu troubles Sajid and Shiv. Manya talks with Archana and says everyone in the house has put on a mask. Archana advises Manya to buck up her game else she will get evicted.

Day 15, 8:45 AM: Archana reveals about Manya to Gautam, Priyanka and Sajid. Manya get upset with Archana for mocking him. Tina tries to side with Manya. Manya asks Tina not to jump in the conversation. Abdu and Sajid talk with each other. Sajid tells Abdu that Shiv, Gori, Stan and Shalin are good people in the house. Abdu decide to stay strong

11:15 AM: Manya talks with Shiv, Sajid, Gori and Abdu. Sajid asks Archana to sit. Manya leave. Sajid and Shiv say their plan worked as Manya left. They say she was cracking jokes for the past 2 hours. Nimrit tells Shalin that Manya ends up cracking a joke.

Shekhar Suman hosts the Bigg Bulletin segment. He addresses housemates. Shekhar says he watched Bigg Boss to understand the dynamic of the house but it gets changed every week. Shekhar says Sajid is trying to play with Abdu. He asks Sajid and Abdu to rate inmates based on his question. Sajid and Abdu say Manya is a less entertaining contender for the house. Shekhar asks Manya to gear up his game. Sajid praises Shekhar’s hosting. Shekhar pulls Sumbul’s leg. Inmates enjoy it. He further jokes on Archana too. Shekhar also addresses Tina. Shekhar asks Gautam to tell what type of girl he wants. He decides to make a sketch according to his choice. Shekhar shows Soundarya’s painting. Gautam and Soundarya laugh. Next, Shekhar tells Archana that she is his favourite. He further calls Nimrit and Shiv for a chat session.

Later in Bigg Boss, Shiv and Nimrit get excited to meet Shekhar. Shekhar starts the session. A viewer asks Nimrit to play at front foot instead of flipping here and there. Nimrit says she has an individuality too. Shekhar asks Shiv why his game has become dull. Shiv says sometimes it is necessary for the game to be played at the back front. Shiv says he doesn’t understand how without a friendship, love happens suddenly. Another viewer exposes Nimrit about making a group and planning. Housemates get shocked. Viewer says Nimrit is getting diplomatic for the game. Nimrit explains her point of view. Shekhar asks Shiv, being a Bigg Boss Marathi winner, what advice he will give to Gautam , Nimrit, Tina and Ankit. Shiv gives valuable advice and asks all to buck up their game. Shekhar bid adieu.

3:30 PM: Nimrit and Gautam confront Sajid about talking about the group and doing TV vs Non-TV. Sajid tries to explain his side. Manya advises Nimrit to be careful as apart from Gautam everyone might back stab her.

5 PM: Priyanka talks with Gautam, Shalin, Ankit, Manya. She says Nimrit is assuming that she is stopping Ankit from interacting with others.

6:45 PM: Tina read out about MY Glam challenge. Tina led the challenge.

8:30 PM: Shalin asks Sumbul if she wants water. Sumbul nods. She asks Shalin if he wants to go.

9 PM: Priyanka get angry with Tina for not doing any work. Gautam decides to change Tina’s duty. He further says Stan isn’t cleaning the washroom. Priyanka asks Gautam to take a call. Tina and Priyanka argue over making chapati. Tina asks Gautam to change her duty. Priyanka and Gautam accuse Stan for not cleaning the bathroom properly. Stan gets offended.

9:30 PM: Shiv, Stan and Gori say they don’t understand Priyanka.

10:15 PM: Nimrit and Gautam share that Manya was talking about Soundarya. Stan decides to trouble Priyanka, Archana post becoming captain. Tina and Stan decide to not let Priyanka become the next captain. They plot against Priyanka.

1:30 AM: Sajid, Shiv and Stan decide to become the next captain of the house. Sajid says Priyanka jumps into the conversation out of nowhere. Gautam asks Soundarya to stop irritating him all the time.

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