Bepanah Pyaar 29 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Badi maa tried to convince Raghbir that he should not ignore his feelings for Pragati because of Bani.

Bepanah Pyaar 29 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Badi maa makes Raghbir realise

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 29 August episode begins with Pragati (Ishita Dutta) asking Sushma to hand over the scarf to Prashant. She explained her everything through hand gestures. She opened her purse but did not find the scarf there. She wondered if it fell outside. She noticed it on the floor next to where everyone was seated. It fell from her bag by mistake. She smiled at Raghbir (Pearl Puri) as he looked in her direction. Pragati told Sushma that she will bring the proof. She can give it to Prashant. Sushma gestured that guard was whistling at Prashant. Pragati decided to hurry up. She smartly asked Raghbir to pour maple syrup over the dessert. He noticed her keeping something in her bag. She dismissed it. She went outside to give dessert to Prashant. She suddenly realised that Sushma told her that the guard was whistling at Prashant. She could not hear it. She recalled seeing Sushma holding the black bag in the past. She gave the dessert and a similar fake envelope to Sushma to give to the guard and Prashant. There was something that she didn’t know. She will find out soon. Pragati thought Sushma did not know that he gave her a fake proof.

Raghbir called out to Pragati who went outside. He told Pragati to finish her bowl. Shefali offered to do it as soon as Pragati said no. Raghbir said she was just waiting for her to say no. Shefali nodded. Raghbir told Pragati to sleep early tonight. Raghbir told them to stop their fascination. Pragati told everyone to sleep. She will clean up everything and go. Everyone headed to their rooms. Sushma went outside. Pragati called Prashant. She told him to keep an eye on the maid Sushma. She was hiding something. They must keep a tab on her. Guard whistled at him and he drove away. She told him not to disconnect the call. She will come outside. She walked outside while still talking to him. She noticed Sushma talking to someone. She inched closer but was unable to see the face of the person who she was talking to. Prashant said it must be Raghbir. That maid was double crossing her by supporting Raghbir now. They ended the call.

Pragati was shocked to realise that Sushma could talk. Sushma told the mystery guy that she made a mistake by telling Pragati that she heard the guard whistle. She gave her the proof while Prashant had to drive away because of the guard. Pragati moved aside as a car drove past her. Sushma and the mystery guy disappeared by then. Pragati realised that they now knew that the proof was fake. Sushma was lying dead on the floor with a knife stabbed in her stomach. The mystery man looked at her. Pragati came to her room. She would have understood everything if she had seen who Sushma was talking to. She did not find Raghbir in the room. Raghbir asked her why she was standing so quietly. She said that it was a great day. She could not believe it went so nicely. It felt as if they got everything. He told her not to scare him. He suggested she smelled his bottle and slept. Pragati thought she didn’t let things happen his way.

She still had the proof with her. It was enough to expose him. Pragati woke up in the middle of the night and did not see Raghbir around. She called Prashant. They both discussed about Sushma but no one had a clue. Pragati said she might have left thinking she had no more work to do here now. Their way was clear now. Prashant insisted that they had to be extra careful now, especially with the scarf. Pragati agreed. She will give it to him today itself. Raghbir stepped out of the shower. She asked him if he gave her this blanket last night. He joked that neighbour came and did that and asked to reduce the AC temperature if she felt cold at night. She asked him if he went somewhere last night. He said he went out with his friends. He headed downstairs followed by Pragati. Gopi smelled Raghbir and asked if he drank. Raghbir denied. He greeted Badi Ma. Harshit asked him if he did not recall what day it was. Badi Ma said it was Janamashtami, Baani’s favourite festival. Raghbir went quiet.

Gopi and Shalu asked Raghbir how he could forget this day. He was completely drunk this day last year. Badi Ma said it was because he was very content right now. Raghbir tried to excuse himself but Badi Ma took him with her. Everyone was seated in the living room. Raghbir was completely quiet. They talked about Shree Krishna and his love. Badi Ma justified Krishna ji’s love saying that one person can love two people in a lifetime but Raghbir countered her. One person could love only one person in his life. Badi Ma insisted that he could love two people. She asked Pragati to come with her for the puja. Pragati nodded. She wondered why Raghbir was pretending that he loved Baani. She will give the scarf to Prashant at any cost today. Badi Ma told Raghbir that the yuga’s could change but time cannot. She could see it with her eyes. He loved both Baani and Pragati at the same time. She loved him too. He refused to buy it but she said she can see them both interacting with each other from their heart.

They both were connected to each other now. It was Pragati who was taking care of him since Baani left. She faced all his problems bravely and understood him. She laughed with him and even he enjoyed it very much. Raghbir thought of his past moments with Pragati. Badi Ma said he forgot this day for the first time since Baani left. He only saw Pragati everywhere. She could see his love. He asked her how she can call it love. She said she can see all five signs of love that were trust, care, sacrifice, feel and love someone more than his own life. He said he didn’t see it. She assured him he will see it today. He promised her that he won’t ignore it and walked away. Badi Ma prayed to God to show them what true love was. Pragati gave Prasad to Harshit. She forgot to ask him what he was doing in the orphanage the other day. He made an excuse and asked what she was doing there. When he stopped it felt as if she was chasing someone. She made up a story that she was following a thief. He nodded and joined his family. Pragati had noticed him turning nervous. It was as if she asked him something she shouldn’t have. The written update of 29 August 2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Pragati confesses to her father that she loved Raghbir but doesn’t now as he is a criminal. Raghbir hears her saying that she hates him. Stay tuned!

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