The episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starts with Virat tells Pulkit that he is under arrest. Virat tries to arrest Pulkit. Sai comes in the middle and stops Virat. Virat and Sai not to come in the middle or he will arrest Sai too, for helping Pulkit.
Pulkit stops Virat and says his family has given him some wrong information and fake proof. Pulkit says today he will show Virat the original form. Pulkit takes a form from Madhuri and gives it to Virat. Virat reads the details and gets shocked.

Virat says in the form its mentioned that Devyani is Pulkit’s wife. Sai says she saw this form in the college, but some replaced it with a fake one. Virat refuses to believe Pulkit and says Pulkit made a fake form.
Virat says he will not let the marriage happen. Sai says Pulkit and Devyani both are adults and have the right to make their own decisions. Virat says he cannot let the marriage happen as Pulkit is a criminal and has cheated on Devyani.
Sai says the proof is in Virat’s hand, now until he makes out which is original and which is fake, he cannot stop the marriage.

Sai, Madhuri and other Pulkit’s friends make a chain around Pulkit and Devyani and stop Virat. Bhavani tries to take Devyani away. Devyani says she will not go anywhere, she is Pulkit’s wife and complete her last round of their marriage.
Bhavani and others return home. Bhavani tells everything to Ashwini about Sai’s deeds. Bhavani feels unconcerned. Virat holds Bhavani and says Sai made a mistake and he will correct it.
Meanwhile, Pulkit and Devyani complete their marriage rituals. Sai congratulates them and leaves.

On the other hand, Pulkit warns everyone not to take Sai’s name in their house and not let her come into their house.