In Kasautii Zindagii Kay written update 16th March 2020 episode, Komolika argues with Anurag about losing the auction for Prerna. Mr Bajaj asks for 6% shares in the mall project. Komolika advises Anurag not to take it. Anurag and Prerna share a dance.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Episode Update 16th March 2020: Prerna and Anurag dance together

The episode begins with Komolika arguing with Anurag about losing the auction for the sake of Prerna. She says she has got everything while Anurag has no peace and love. She thinks how a timid Prerna became a fierce woman. Mr Bajaj and Shaumik agree on having 6% shares of the company and Mr Bajaj asks Shaumik to talk to Anurag and get the deal. Meanwhile, Mr Bajaj and Prerna go to the party and see Anurag. Anurag says they are spoiling the party but Basus welcome everyone. Prerna says she has come to see things get spoiled and is happy now to see Anurag hurt as opposed to being restless in the past. Mr Bajaj takes her away.

Kuki tries to get an auto and Kaushik sees her. They argue and he says he was there to help her. She says she isn’t a helpless girl but pleads him for help. He records her saying please and asks her to get in the car but his car breakdown. They argue again and she gets off the car and leaves in an auto. Nivedita talks to Anurag about Mr Bajaj and Prerna wanting to invest and Anurag says he is aware of it. Shaumik says it’s Prerna’s idea. Komolika, Nivedita and Rakhi discuss that Shaumik is their partner but he is with Prerna. He owns 46% shares and if Prerna gets 6% shares they own 52% shares and own the company. They tell Anurag to decline the deal. Nivedita asks Prera how can she let Prerna get close to Anurag but she says she will do anything to not let them get close. They talk how they thought Prerna was dead but is still alive. Meanwhile, Tapur wonders why Prerna and Anurag are cold with each other.

Mr Bajaj tells Prerna she handled everything very well and informs her that he will be flying back tomorrow. She says when you are connected to people you get hurt, but she has n emotional connection with them. She thanks Mr Bajaj for encouraging her. The host announces dance and so Anurag, Komolika, Mr Bajaj and Prerna dance. After Partners get exchanged, Prerna and Anurag dance and he asks her about not following the white and red theme. She says she doesn’t like red now. Anurag recalls everything.

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