Kavach Mahashivratri 9 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Angad tries to find Sandhya nut Kapil managed to trick her into marrying him

Kavach Mahashivratri 9 June 2019 Written Update: Kapil tricked Sandhya into marrying him

Today’s Kavach Mahashivratri 9 June episode begins with Sandhya (Deepika Singh) looking at Angad and Nisha together on the bed and assuming that something is going on between them. She walked out of the room and the witch fell out of Pallavi’s body, her limp body fell on the ground. The coconut fell down as well and sandhya reached the temple where she recalled Ranjana’s words.

She remembered seeing Kapil in the temple as well as Angad and Nisha. She asked Shiv ji why he showed her Kapil if she was supposed to marry Angad in two days. She doubts whether her marriage is wrong or Maha Shivratri story is wrong. She questioned god for making her life miserable and Angad leaving her for Nisha when he was supposed to come with her. She thought that she will wait for Angad for sometime so she could get some answers but Angad never showed up and she exited the temple.

She saw a reflection of someone and thought that it is Angad and started asking him questions. But Kapil came out from behind the tree and questioned Sandhya about her plan to narry Angad and why didn’t Angad show up. Kapil confessed to have thought about her and her plan to marry Angad. He was going to let them get married. Upon questioning him, Kapil revealed that Shiv ji has tied their destiny together. Kapil is written in her destiny and not Angad. Kapil answered why he always appeared in front of her.

Sandhya told him to stop talking and started leaving. Kapil stopped her and told her that she is not understanding the signals that god is giving her. Kapil started convincing her on why she left her house even though she was supposed to marry Angad and why she keeps meeting Kapil. Kapil said that she might try to stay away from him but destiny has them tied together and they will unite no matter what. She started leaving and fell in a pit. Kapil went to save her and told her to give her hand. She was about to drown but Kapil saved her with the help of a tree branch. She came out of the pit and hugged him.

Madhuri, Usha and Pratibha came out and saw insects on the coconut. Madhura thought that someone must’ve gone out of the house. Usha speculated that Angad and Sandhya are at the terrace but Pratibha denied it. Kapil asked Sandhya if she is okay to which she answered she’s fine. She reached out to the tree branch only to find that it has turned into a garland around their neck.

She remembered Pallavi’s words who was actually the witch. Kapil informed her that the garland and his blood are sign which means they are married now. He said that today is the big night. It started raining. Mahadev had approved too and they take rounds around the fire.

Angad came to Kartik and asked about Sandhya. Kartik said he didn’t know. Kapil hugged Sandhya and his evil eyes illuminated. He could see the witch standing afar. Meanwhile, Angad kept on searching for Sandhya and decided to come to temple where others followed him. Kapil suggested that they should stay somewhere and located a hut nearby where they decided to stay. Sandhya suggested to go home but Kapil was persistent on staying in the hut. Kapil saw a piece of glass on the ground and smirked evilly. The glass then pierced into Sandhya’s skin which Kapil removed.

Angad found Sandhya’s anklet in the crematorium ground near the temple and asked everyone to search for Sandhya in all direction. Kapil picked up Sandhya and headed to the hut. Maha pandit is called in the house. Vinayak declared that he doesn’t believe in blind faith. Pandit ji sensed evil spirit in the house and insisted on looking at Sandhya’s room and he also told everyone to not go out.

Kapil nursed Sandhya’s wound. Sandhya insisted on going home again as she was scared. Kapil said they wouldn’t reach home now if they went. Pandit ji went in Sandhya’s room and fund the mangalsutra. He said he could sense evil presence from the mangalsutra. Vinayak asked him if he is doing this for money and offered him money. Madhura asked him to let pandit ji do whatever he wanted. Pandit ji sat down and read some mantra to which a black smoke came out of the mangalsutra and later some insects.

They see blood coming out of mangalsutra. Pandit ji says two souls are in this mangalsutra, Sandhya’s life is in danger. Kapil massages Sandhya’s hand and back. Sandhya feels uncomfortable and tells that they shall go home, as everyone must be worried. Kapil asks her to stop it and says why you are insisting to go home. He talks to politely and asks how we will go now in this weather. He says it is dangerous to go home now, this is all God’s planning so that we can stay together. He asks her to think that this rain and storm are for us. He tries to kiss her.

Kapil made arrangement for clothes. He opened the cupboard and saw witch inside. Witch asked him to hurry up. He said he has waited for 2 years and will end everything in 2 hours. Suman got scared and told Kartik. Nitin said that he will go home. Angad saw a snake hanging in the tree.

He got worried for Sandhya. Kapil asked Sandhya to wear clothes. Kapil turned and his eyes turned evil. Pandit ji tried to burn the mangalsutra by doing havan in the room. The fire turned red and they saw Kapil and Sandhya in the fire. Pandit ji said that the prêt aatma is with her and wanted to unite with her and if this happened everything will be ruined. This shocked everyone.

Kapil was playing the mouth organ. Sandhya heard the music and came in wearing the saree. Kapil glowed his eyes. Sandhya said that it is Amitabh bacchan’s Sholay music. Sandhya again insisted on going home. Kapil told her that she is worried about Anagd who is not worried about her and told her that he loved her and leaned in for a kiss. The written update of 9 June 2019 Kavach Mahashivratri episode full story ends.
In the upcoming episode of Kavach Mahashivratri, we see Kapil gets closer to Sandhya and tells her that the clouds will not stop raging until they unite. Sandhya returns home to find out the real Kapil and she is then possessed by the witch. Stay tuned!

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