Kawach 2 is an Indian supernatural horror drama series that is very popular amongst the large chunk of Indian population. The 8 June episode has just been aired and here’s everything about it.

Kawach 2, 22nd June 2019 written update of Full Episode: Sandhya and Angad Decide To Visit The Shiv mandir

Sandhya is unsure about Angad’s loyalty towards her. So, she and Angad decide to visit the Shiv mandir in the night to exchange garlands and validate that they were always meant for each other.

In the Last episode of Kawach 2 we saw Sandhya suspecting that an affair was brewing between Angad and his reporter friend Nisha as she even saw them in a compromising position. She confessed her doubts to Kapil but he tried to convince her that she was over thinking and misunderstanding them. However, his effort was obviously half-hearted. And today’s episode had more twists and turns with Sandhya getting more insecured about Angad’s loyalty towards her.

The episode began with Sandhya’s aji confiding in her daughters-in-law that she could feel an evil presence in the house. She tells them that it’s the spirit of a woman who wants to cause pain to Sandhya and that they must protect the house from her. Meanwhile, Sandhya has left the house to walk away aimlessly after having seen Angad and Nisha in a compromising position. She unintentionally reaches a lonely stone quarry which has been abondoned and has a small lake with a crocodile in it. The evil spirit of the woman follows her there and pushes her down a small cliff. As she hangs with her dear life with fear as she cannot even swim and the crocodile might attack her, Kapil ends up giving her a helping hand and saving her. When she questions him as to why he put his own life in danger to save her, he refuses to answer initially. He is mad at her for not caring what would happen to him and those who love her. When she insists on him telling her why he cares so much for her despite being Angad’s best friend, he eventually expresses his love for her by almost kissing her.

But he tells her that he doesn’t want to complicate things for everyone and asks her if she could change things. She is still unsure what she wants as only she knows that she had seen Kapil’s and not Angad’s face in the Shiv mandir on the Mahashivratri night. She believes that Shiv ji chose Kapil and not Angad for her.
At the same time, Angad and Nisha, who have been trying to solve Ranjana and her father’s murder case, are at the mortuary to have a look at their dead bodies. And are wondering why are the bodies of two people, who died at the same time, decaying at the same rate in the same way.

In the other part of the village, the older women of the house have come to the Shiv mandir to help get rid of the evil spirit. However, as the main Baba is meditating, his assistant gives them a blessed coconut and asks them to tie it up at the entrance. He tells them to not let anyone step out of the house that night unless they want to be harmed by the spirit. They return home and get the coconut tied up. They spirit tries but fails to enter and instead enters the maid’s body.

Sandhya’s sisters get her in the backyard of the house and Angad surprises her with a dreamy set up of a candle-lit table and fairy lights. He is about to sip on their Champaign in celebration of their marriage next day, but Sandhya begins arguing and questioning him about his relationship with Nisha. At that very moment, the possessed maid comes there and tells the couple about a myth. She says that if a couple exchanges garlands at the Shiv mandir that night, then it’s considered that they are as good as married. However, only a couple made in heaven can reach the temple safely. This gets both Angad and Sandhya convinced that going to the temple and getting married their would be the perfect validation of whether they are meant for each other.

Angad and Sandhya then make a plan to sneak out and their siblings help them while the elders of the family have dinner. Ranju’s spirit is trying hard to tell Sandhya not to step out but she doesn’t realise. But as fate would have it, when Angad finds Nisha in Sandhya’s room, they find the mangalsutra. They here Ranju’s spirit crying in the bathroom and when they enter, they see a message written in blood warning not to step out. The pots in the bathroom start moving and when Nisha steps out, she even sees the evil woman’s spirit on her back. As she tries to get rid of it, Angad and she fall on the bed and that very moment, Sandhya enters. Yet again, she misunderstands and runs away. Somehow, the door shuts itself and Sandhya is shown about to step out of the house.
In the preview of tomorrow’s episode, we see Sandhya reaching the temple. She will again meet Kapil there and he will tell her that the reason she meets him repeatedly is because Shiv ji gets him to her. By then, his blood seems to have been filled in her forehead and they will be technically married.

Will all this really happen? Or will it be Sandhya’s imagination. Watch tomorrow’s episode to find these answers and keep reading this space.

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