Today’s episode of 08 September 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri starts as we see Rekha telling the Jindals that Duby is a very strong spirit and might just be pretending to go away. Angad says they’ll stay inside the temple itself to protect themselves. The bell rings and they hear Karthik and Aai’s voice. Angad says it might be Duby in disguise. Sandhya prays to Lord Shiva and walks towards the door with Lord Shiva’s idol in hand. It is Karthik and Aai in real. Aastha starts disappearing and Angad gets worried. We see an apparition saying that he will make sure that Prem goes against Sandhya. Then, we see Prem making a drawing that helps Rekha and Angad end Duby’s chapter for once and for all.

When Duby wants Prem, Angad says Sandhya loves him like a son. Prem walks towards Duby and Aai powers holy water on him. He vanishes. Malini, Rekha, and Aastha get back to normal. A man who is tied in chains says Sandhya did not give him Prem and he will kill Angad for the same. Later, Sandhya tells the Jindals to leave the house as it is unsafe. Malini says she will not leave them in this hour of crisis. Even Bua agrees to stay back. However, Sandhya sends Aastha away from the house with Angad’s sister, Shobha. The family members protect the home with the special Kawach.

Angad steps out to drop Shobha and Aastha but feels a weird presence around. Later, he comes inside with torn clothes. He is possessed by Bhau. Rekha, Sandhya, and Ankit sit down to call Bhau through a seance. They see a flock of crows heading towards them. Rekha says he is an old powerful spirit and some big trouble is on the way. The Kawach destroys the crows. In his room, Angad feels a weird sensation in his body and collapses. The written update of 08 September 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri ends here.