Today’s Kawach Mahashivratri 11 August episode begins with Jolly losing his mind after seeing Saakshi. They gave him an injection to get him to sleep. Saakshi again came to torture Jolly. Usha and Aaji argued if Vinayak should go to meet Prem or not. Sandhya (Deepika Singh) tried to bond with her son Prem.

Malini was not happy with Prem staying at their house. She was also worried about Aastha’s well being. Sandhya bathed Prem and got him ready. Aastha was very excited to meet Prem and ran to his room. She tried to give him a ball and they started playing. Prem saw Sakshi and wanted her to leave. Aastha accidentally got hurt because of Prem. Malini was adamant to get Prem out of her house. Angad went in Prem’s room to scold him.

Prem was scared of Saakshi while Angad told Sandhya that he didn’t see Prem as his kid. He warned Sandhya if Aastha got hurt again he would send Prem far away from them. Saakshi came and warned Prem not to get too involved with Sandhya and her family. A girl named Rekha saw a dream and drew Sandhya’s picture.

Aastha demanded gifts from Prem on her birthday. Jolly got in Prem’s room and tried to seek apology from Saakshi. Saakshi came in the room and Prem got scared with her actions. Angad broke the door and found Jolly on the floor.

Sandhya tried to get Prem warm but he wanted to go away as he was scared of Saakshi’s warning. A girl named Rekha drew Sandhya and Prem with Rangoli colours and said she had to protect them from upcoming danger. The written update of 11 August 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Kavach, watch Malini falls down the stairs as Saakshi pushes her. Stay tuned!