Today’s episode of 15 September 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri starts as we see electricity going off in the House. All the Members of the house wondering what happened to light. Than Sandhya makes a call to Kartik and tells him to get all the family members in the hall.Than Sandhya Calls prem and Tells him that she is also coming there. In that meantime, Angad in the form of Demon comes to the kitchen and attacks Usha and Kiran. After that he Attacks Vishal. Vishal gets scared and tells what was it? Karthik says it is not seen, how can you believe. Than Vishal instantly sees a reflection and says that he also observes something there. Vishal also gets a scratch to his hand. Angad then scratched Ruhi, but nobody could see him. Rekha finds something on her face and gets shocked. She shouts seeing something. Everyone gathers in the hall.

Sandhya sees everyone and gets shocked. She says that all of them are wounded and where is Angad. Prem sees Angad’s face as the demon and tells Sandhya. He than runes as fast as pace and he hurts all of them with his demon Claws. Than electricity comes. Than Rekha Comes downstairs. She then sees the yellow eyes of Angad and by seeing that she falls down in shock. Sandhya sees This. Angad to save him says that oh the Ghost was in her. Sandhya was trying to Help Rekha but Angad Stops her from helping her. Sandhya tells Angad that she came by leaving her house and everything just to help and starts helping Rekha. She runs to Rekha and asks her not to close her eyes. Karthik lifts her and takes her. Angad is walking behind them. Sandhya asks Angad to come. He couldn’t go out due to the Suraksha chakra and asks Sandhya to go, says he will be at home. Sandhya says ok and tells that nothing will happen to Rekha. Angad closes the door. Malini says its good that bad soul went with Rekha. Angad smiles. Prem gets scared. Sandhya and Karthik bring Rekha to OT. Akhil comes there. Rekha tells them that there is no ghost inside her. Sandhya cries as she is taken to OT and says you shouldn’t have shot her. Karthik also regrets to shoot her. Sandhya tells that Rekha had said that bad soul is not in her and tells that they have crossed the Suraksha chakra and that means the bad soul is not in her. She says Prem and others are in danger. Vishal asks Ruhi to come with him, but she says that this is her family and she will not leave her family. She asks him to go.

Angad recalls adding medicine in the water and giving to Rekha, after which she felt pain in her stomach and everyone thought that she is possessed. He recalls drinking ordinary water later. Sandhya calls Angad and tells that Rekha is not possessed, but someone else. Rekha gains consciousness and asks about Sandhya. Karthik says Sandhya and Akhil are doing the hospital formalities. He apologizes to her. Rekha says I have no complaints with you, whatever you did is to save the family. Sandhya and Akhil come there. Rekha tells that Bhao wanted her to die as she is helping them. She says he wants to make you all alone. Karthik says Pandits got killed brutally. Rekha says he is killing everyone, who is helping you. She says this is not bhoot/pret, but a pischas who is in someone. She says he has yellow eyes, face-paced, and long nails/claws. She says she is sure that he/she is pisach.

Malini comes to Angad’s room to talk to him about Rekha. Angad feels sensation in the room and falls down on the bed. She feels the tiger roaring sound and bone-breaking/eating sound. Does she think who is here? She moves the curtain of Angad’s room and sees him. She gets shocked and thinks a bad soul is in Angad. Angad comes out. Malini hides. He vanishes very soon. She sees him eating uncooked chicken. Rekha tells Sandhya that they have uncooked chicken. Sandhya asks if they eat human flesh. Rekha says yes. Sandhya gets worried and asks if there is any way to find out. Rekha says we have to lie the trap and it is very difficult to trap them. They are under the influence of the heavy vashikaran and they come and go with their wish, and says they go only when that person dies. Sandhya is shocked.

Kiran and Usha pray to God in the temple. Angad comes there and tries to get inside the house, but is pushed back. Malini thinks where did Angad go? Angad comes to Prem while he is sleeping and says it is your good destiny that bhao needs you. Prem opens his eyes, but Angad is gone. Angad comes to Jolly. Jolly shouts saying he has come. He gets scared of seeing him. Jolly gets scared and hides. Angad says I can sense your flesh and blood smell and asks him to come out. Jolly comes out and says I will kill you, puts chain on him. Angad attacks him and is about to eat him when Jolly takes out the injection and stabs in him. Angad falls down. Malini comes there and feels bad for her son. Sandhya, Akhil and Karthik come home. Jolly attacks Akhil. Ruhi comes there and says if the bad soul is in him. Karthik says no as the claws marks are more deep and broad. Sandhya says Rekha is also not possessed. Akhil controls Jolly and they take him to his room. They find Angad unconscious there and ask what happened? Malini tells that Jolly attacked him and injected him with the injection. Balraj asks why didn’t you call us.

In the morning, everyone sees Angad still sleeping. Karthik says medicine effect will be there for more time. Sandhya says she knows how to bring out the pisasch in front of everyone. She checks in the fridge and finds the meat missing. Karthik says maybe that pisasch had already eaten and goes to bring it. Malini thinks if they bring meat then Angad will eat and get caught. She comes to the room and locks the door. Balraj asks what happened, why are you so tensed? Malini says we have to save Angad, don’t know what to do. Balraj says nothing will happen to him, he will gain consciousness once the injection effect is gone. Malini says she is scared and says when he will gain consciousness, what will he do? Malini tells that pisachani is in our son. They see Angad missing from the bed. Angad comes in front of them and holds Balraj’s neck. Malini hits vase on his head. Angad walks towards Malini to attack her, but he faints and falls down. Sandhya, Akhil, and Karthik keep the chicken in the room. Balraj tells Malini that they shall tell Sandhya. Malini says didn’t you see what Karthik did with Rekha and says we shall lock him in the room. They tie and lock him in the storeroom. Malini gives a sedative injection to him. Balraj says what if nobody is trapped by Sandhya.

Sandhya and others wait for the pisasch to come. Malini comes there and sees Sandhya, Karthik and Akhil hiding. Malini says Maas and goes to the room. Sandhya, Akhil, and Karthik come near the room and peep inside the room. Malini picks the chicken piece and takes near her mouth to eat. She eats a bit. Sandhya, Akhil, and Karthik get shocked and lock her in the room. Balraj comes there and thinks she ate it to save her son. Sandhya tells him that pisasch is in Malini. Balraj asks them to go and says he is here. Malini tells him that she will find out how they take out the pisasch and then only they will tell about Angad if she is sure that he is not in danger. Sandhya tells everyone that pisach is in Malini. Prem gets scared. Kiran says how we will save her.

Sandhya says Rekha has given a solution, today is very auspicious as haryali Teej and today Shiv Ji and Gauri united. She says after Sati’s dead, Shivji went to Samadhi and to take him out of the Samadhi, Sati has to take 108 births and says in the 108th birth, Sati was born as Gauri and then Shivji’s Samadhi broke and they united on the Kailash parvat and got married. She says Rekha had said that if all the married women make 108 shivlings together then Shivji and Gauri will get happy and bless them and then we can take out the pisasch from mummy Ji and will kill that pisasch. Does Kiran say for what you are waiting for? She says we shall start the puja. Sandhya says both the families should be together in the puja and tells Usha that she has to call Baba for this puja. She says I know that you didn’t keep fast for him for years. Kiran says all married women are needed and says Shobha went to her Sasural and Malini has the pisasch. Akhil says I will call Ankit and he will bring her. We won’t let anything happen to anyone. The written update of 15 September 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri ends here.