Kavach Mahashivratri 23 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see that Kapil has taken over Angad and so he started acting weird.

Kawach Mahashivratri 23 June 2019 written update of Full Episode

Today’s Kavach Mahashivratri 23 June episode begins with Kapil who was also Angad (Namik Paul) being determined to spend his first night with Sandhya (Deepika Singh). He got close to Sandhya and touched her stomach. He had some mission to complete with his evil powers. After a while, Sandhya’s cousins and friends again came to disturb the couple. Angad acted weird and closed the door in anger. Sandhya found it strange and questioned his behaviour. Kapil behavesd normally with Sandhya and handled the situation. Kapil told the evil spirit that arrived on the window to stay back.

Kapil aka Angad switched off the light and got intimate with Sandhya. Kapil again touched Sandhya’s stomach for his evil intentions but was again disturbed with a knock on the door. Kapil got angry with them but got rid of them somehow. Everyone got worried with Angad’s behaviour. Angad (Kapil) told Sandhya that nobody could separate them now. After Sandhya fell asleep, Kapil again started chanting some mantras in order to fulfil his intentions.
In the morning, Nimmo got worried to see all flowers scattered on the floor and all gods crying. Sandhya woke up Angad. When Angad aka Kapil saw his real face in mirror, he got tensed. Kapil told Sandhya that he needed a baby. Sandhya ignored it but Kapil got angry and said they should have a baby soon. Sandhya found his behaviour very weird but Kapil handled the situation by sweet talking with her.

Nisha entered the room and got upset to see Angad and Sandhya together. Nisha waited for some sign of Kapil as he released him last night. Kapil thanked her for releasing him. Meanwhile, Angad’s Uncle and Aunty started discussing about the incidents in the temple. Sandhya entered the kitchen and her mother in law asked her to make something. She admitted she didn’t know cooking. Her mother-in-law told her not to worry but Kiran didn’t like the whole scene.

Later, Angad’s uncle saw Kapil’s face in the mirror of an antique box and got scared. Angad’s Uncle asked him if there was someone else but got distracted with Sandhya’s brother coming to take her for pag phera rasam. Everyone found Angad’s behaviour weird. Rishi and Ashu’s feud distracted everyone. The servants got worried to see insects in noodles made by Sandhya. Nimmo believed there was some evil spirit in the house. Malini told Nimmo to get rid of noodles. Angad aka Kapil acted weird in car and Sandhya asked him if he was truly Angad. The written update of 23 June 2019 Kavach Mahashivratri episode full story ends.

In the  upcoming episode of Kavach, watch Angad started speaking Marathi and Sandhya questioned him where he learnt it from.

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