Koffee With Karan Written Update S-07 Ep-10 08th September 2022: It’s Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Khattar and Siddhant Chaturvedi in the Koffee house to grill each other and talk about their film journey and their shooting experience of Phone Bhoot.

In today’s Koffee With Karan episode, Karan Johar dressed up like a hot chilli talks about how a decision or an unexpected situation can change a person’s life entirely for the good. Karan Johar speaks about none other than Katrina Kaif, whose one statement in the previous season, gave controversial headlines for the reporters and Vicky Kaushal’s amazing GIF and her dream big fat wedding. Then Karan Johar invites Katrina Kaif on the show and Katrina asks him how many times she has been on a show and Karan says well less than veteran attendees. Then Karan Johar asks her how has life changed for her post-covid and post-marriage. Kat says that she is disciplined and hardworking towards her professional acting life in the same way as she was before and life post-marriage is amazing with lots of happiness bubbles bursting.

Then in Koffee With Karan, Katrina Kaif is joined by her two co-stars of her upcoming movie, Phone Bhoot, Ishan Khattar and Siddhant Chaturvedi. Karan Johar tells Sod to sit beside Kat and tells Ishaan to sit alone in a chair. Ishaan asks why he is sitting alone; he feels petrified not sitting behind Katrina. Karan Johar says that it is a Nepotism sit and the couch is having self-raised actors. Then Sid tells that he wants to experience the seat and they both exchange their places when asked about the experience, Sid says that it feels easy. Karan also asks Sid about his comment when asks about a stranger’s struggle and a Bollywood kid’s struggle which undoubtedly had Ananya
Pandey is in trouble and from there Karan asks Ishan about his breakup with Ananya Pandey and how are terms with her now. He tells that he is a sweetheart and he wants to be a friend of hers for a lifetime.

Later in Koffee With Karan, he asks Siddhant about what or whom he is busy with right now. He says that he is busy with his work, and his family and he has a younger brother of 19 years old who is into music so they are jamming together. Then they play the game of roasting each other. They ask each other asks to who is the most flirting person. Kat says no one as she has seen none flirting. Who is more energised on set and Kat answers that it’s Ishaan as he brings positive and evergreen energy when he enters. Siddhant is asked what he likes about Ishan and he answers that he has a good sense of humour. Then they play Rapid fire round and Ishaan goes first Karan asks him who is his contemporary now, and he answers Alia Bhatt and what he misses the most about his ex, he says everything and he also gives other phenomenal answers.

Lastly in Koffee With Karan, Katrina goes next to Karan and asks about the most special thing Vicky has done ever. Katrina answered that post her covid-recovery she was not that active and was feeling low and it was her birthday Vicky did the most unexpected thing she plays 45 minutes of Katrina’s song playlist and danced for the whole time and he managed to keep the vibe of every song. Then lastly Sid gives the best answers in his rapid-fire and when asked what is the way to his bed and he answers that it is not on the map. Then the jury votes and makes Siddhant Chaturvedi the winner. Then in the glam buzzer round, Kat plays alone and Sid and Ishaan play together. Then Karan for the first time plays a tiebreaker point and gives a prize to Katrina and Ishaan as well. Then lastly they sign the Koffee cup and keep it on the podium.

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