In today's episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see Abhi is angry and Frustrated due to the wrong thoughts that Rhea Has is her mind regarding Pragya and he scolds her for that.

Kumkum Bhagya 04 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Abhi Scolds Rhea

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode of 04 September 2019 staratsas we see Abhi scolding Rhea for Talking all wrong and bad things about her mom in front of an outsider. Does Rhea say she shall also know how my mum was? Abhi says you shall accept your mistake. She says she said the truth and says you are taking the side of a woman who is not with us and left us. To that Rhea asks Abhi that what was wrong that I said the designer of mine she wanted to know about the good deeds of my mom she was told that how my mom is so good she cares for, she loves me but she was telling someone else as my mom so I just corrected her. Abhi is frustration and anger shouts at Rhea. So she tells that you only told me that when I was small she left me, was I not important to her. Abhi just asks Rhea to go and leave and then he is tensed.

Then there is Flashback regarding Abhi and Pragya, Abhi comes towards Pragya and Tells her Hello girls. Pragya asks how do you know that they are girls so to that Abhi says if he calls them girls than only they will be girls. Pragya asks Abhi where did you go and you went to give Kiara Ice-cream? Does Abhi ask who told you? She says that Kiara Told means this is such bad weather she will fall sick why did you take her to eat ice-cream. Abhi says that Kiara only instead of me and then says that now we will scold her. Pragya says that you are a bad dad and you will surely spoil her. Abhi says that girls your mom is Hitler. To that Pragya Smiles. Abhi tells I Love you. Than Pragya Asks Him really? She says we will not fight in front of kids, and will not have silly jokes and will not call each other will such names. We will give a good upbringing to them. Then Abhi says that if sometimes fights happen and kids are in front of us then? Pragya says that we will go in the bathroom and fight but will not fight in front of children and the Flashback ends.

As Rhea left Abhi Comes to Meera and says that I have to make things better because I have makes her understand that Pragya didn’t leave us, we both had a fight and that is the reason she has to go. He says she was really good and nobody can like her. Then he sits on the sofa and starts Thinking about Pragya and Kiara. There are tears in his eyes, Meera keeps a hand on his shoulder. Abhi gets up and goes to his room. Song plays… Meera says to herself that she has to justify her love and she will do all that with lots of effort and happiness.

Shahana asks Prachi to be confident and perform the best. Rhea, Dimpy and Shaina they come to college. Rhea tells that from morning nothing is going good so let us have some fun. Rhea tells Prachi that this first performance of yours should be the last one, I told you to back off but you didn’t listen to me I told my friends that to not make fun of you but you want to make fun of yourself, how will you even look while doing ramp walk. She says she is going out and planning a party and asks them to come, says she needs a waitress. Prachi says you celebrate even your failure. Ranbir tells Principal that he can’t do this. The principal says you can do this. Than Prachi says to Rhea that you get ready for your first defeat in the college. They both are seen a bit arguing. Than Principal comes and asks what is going on and say that Prachi and Rhea are you both telling me or shall I call your parents. Rhea hugs Prachi and says that I was hugging her. Prachi asks Rhea how are you? Rhea says to the Principal that we that you were tensed and that is why stopped. Than suddenly Prachi and Rhea both scold Ranbir and asks Principal what did he do. Prachi says that Rhea and I are best friends now. Ranbir gets confused and shocked he thinks that if someone is dubbing for Rhea and thinks that voice is hers. Principal than asks what is the safety pin is doing in Shahana’s hand. Shahana says it will be in the hand only and not in legs and laughs. Others also laugh. Prachi than asks Shahana to tell why there is a safety pin in the hand. Shahana says that Rhea’s dress button broke, so she thought to that to pin the dress. Rhea laughs and says I have no button, she is joking. Principal than leaves with Ranbir. Rhea than holds the hand of Prachi and asks her to get ready for her first defeat in the Collège.Shahana tells Prachi that if you don’t win then I will go back to Hoshiarpur. She says that she is going home as Sarita Behen has called twice and asks her to call before leaving from office.

Pallavi comes to Meera and asks what is she thinking? She asks Meera to tell and says I will not judge and neither will tell anything. Meera says Mr. Mehra had told something today. Pallavi says that I knew it. It is related to Abhi. You like Abhi lots and asks her to stay just chill. She says in fact if I was not married then? Meera smiles and says but Mr. Mehra loves his wife a lot. Pallavi than asks her to give it a shot and says Vikram also praises Prachi’s mum and she also has good chances. Meera jokingly asks her to handle Vikram. Pallavi says if he does such a thing then she will surely kill him with all her taunts and asks Meera to think about what all she said.

Prachi than comes towards Ranbir and questions him why did you do such thing? She says that Principal scolded you and asks why did he take you to his cabin. Ranbir says he did not scold me and just don’t want me to play football aggressive. Rhea sees them both and messages Ranbir to come to the backyard. Prachi than asks him to concentrate and pay attention to his singing and says that you sing well. Does Ranbir happily ask do you like my song? Prachi says that every one the way you sing. Ranbir says I Seriously want to hug you and also I wanted to hug Principal, but then she scolded him. Ranbir says that if you know me then you will for sure fall in love with me. Prachi in anger asks him not to say such nonsense things. Ranbir says to her that I was joking and tells her that did you ever see your face and compares Prachi with other girls. He says your mummy won’t have any tension as she knows well that nobody will take you. Prachi asks him that if it is over and goes. He then comes to Rhea. Rhea asks Ranbir can I keep my head on his shoulder? He says that yes. Rhea tells ti Ranbir that she was sad. Ranbir than questions Rhea she became Prachi’s friend. Rhea says that no and asks him to continue his work. Ranbir says I don’t hate Prachi but neither I like her. Rhea says today she heard Prachi and Shahana talking and they were told that whatever happens is from the heart. She asks him to think from the mind that he loves Prachi. Ranbir says if my mind agreed and if I actually fell in love with her then? The written update of 04 September 2019 Kumkum Bhagya ends here.

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