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In today's episode of Kumkum Bhagya we see, Rhea is upset due to her behavior with her dad regarding mom and she seeks forgiveness for that which in turn is disliked by Alia and so Alia scolds Meera for this and asks her to safeguard her place in Rhea’s life.

Kumkum Bhagya 05 September Written Update Full Episode: Rhea asks Forgiveness

Today’s episode of 05 September 2019 Kumkum Bhagya starts as we see Rhea asks Ranbir that if he loves Prachi. Ranbir says that no I can’t convince me and then to convince my heart regarding this not possible. He asks if she will not doubt him. Rhea says I know what is in your heart and cupboard and tells that she wants to say those three words and asks him to do the work and then she will say. Ranbir thinks to go to the office and talk to Prachi. Sarita behen, Disha and Shahana are coming home from the market. Sarita behen taunts her. Shahana says Prachi is lucky to get a salary from his boss, but I get taunts from you. Sarita behen says she shall get a salary to bear her. Disha smiles and says Shahana is so cute. Sarita behen says cute, Thanda doodh, etc. Disha says you are cute. Sarita behen says if she is cute then

I can’t be. Shahana says there is an age problem. Sarita behen runs behind her. Dimpy thinks she never laughed so much after that day.

Ranbir tells his mind to think that Prachi is a desirable girl. Prachi comes there and says I work here, so why you are ruining your face. She taunts him and says I will not leave this job as this is important for me and will not break Vikram and Abhi sir’s trust. Ranbir asks her to sit and says you are thinking me wrong, you have many qualities which other girls don’t, you are not my type, and you can’t be like those girls whom I like. Prachi says I come here to work and not to impress you. She goes. Ranbir thinks about what to do, how to impress her. How to praise her fakely and thinks to take Abhi’s help. He comes to Abhi and says I need your help. Abhi says you don’t require my help. Ranbir asks you to trust him. Abhi says you don’t have an interest in work.

Ranbir is about to go. Abhi asks what is the work? Ranbir asks him to tell how to impress girls, who can do better than you. Abhi says there is a formula of this magic and says sometimes you have to get beaten by the girl’s father or own father. Vikram comes there and pats on him. Abhi says what is wrong to impress girls. Vikram tells that Ranbir provokes ladies against me. Abhi asks whom? Vikram says Pallavi. He says he has booked a sports car. Abhi says you drive slow. Ranbir says he didn’t tell mum. Abhi asks him to give a sports car to Ranbir. Vikram asks him to earn the money and buy. He says he will write in the car…King Kohli. He says he will get his name removed from his will. Abhi asks him not to worry and says he will write his name in his will. Vikram takes Abhi for the meeting. Ranbir thinks about how to impress a girl like Prachi.

Meera comes to Rhea. Rhea feels bad to hurt Abhi. Meera says you shouldn’t have told that you were talking about his wife and she is your mum. Rhea says I want to say sorry to Dad. Meera laughs reading Sorry note and tears it. Rhea says I wanted to keep it under his pillow. Meera asks her to go and talk to Abhi. Rhea says I love you. Meera says I love you too..my drama queen.

Purab talks to someone and says he is reaching CM’s PR office. He thinks Disha works here. Disha and Hritik come out of the office. Hritik offers to drop her. Disha says it is ok. He gets a call.
Meanwhile, Disha sees Purab in his car. He gets down from his car and walks towards her. Disha asks Hritik to drop her and leaves in his car. Disha thinks she ignored me and feels bad. Disha looks at him while leaving in the car. Dil toota ve plays…. He recalls their moments and separation.

Rhea is eagerly waiting for Abhi and says all mistakes happen due to her anger. Doorbell rings. Rhea thinks Abhi came and asks Meera to come. Meera says I will stand behind you and asks her to go. Aaliya comes first and says she is very tired. Rhea says ok. Abhi comes there. Rhea says sorry to him for whatever she told about her mum. She says I shouldn’t have told that. Abhi thinks she is feeling sorry for her behavior and not for her thoughts. Aaliya thinks she will never let Rhea think good about her mum and thinks Meera might have told her. She calls her to her room and says you are with Rhea for many years, but it is not necessary that you know everything about everyone’s past in the family. She says if you want then I can tell you, but it is none of your business. She says if you influence Rhea about her mum then her future will be affected. She asks her not to push Rhea towards her mother and asks you are filling her ears. She says there is a past behind which you don’t know about, if you keep influencing her then it will be bad for Rhea and her. She says Abhi will not accept this as he loved her, but her mum was not good and asks her to stop influencing her that her mum is a good woman, and says if Rhea gets convinced then she will not need you. She asks do you understand what I said. The written update of 05 September 2019 Kumkum Bhagya ends here.

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