Kumkum Bhagya 06th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-2233: Prachi sees Ranbir happy and asks him why is he so happy as he should be sad because she got engaged to Sid. He tells her that she getting engaged is the same as he getting engaged and he tells her to congratulate him.

In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Ranbir is happy and tells everyone to congratulate him. Prachi observes him and thinks why is he so happy as he should be sad because she got engaged. Prachi goes near Ranbir and asks why he is happy. She continues to say that she is aware that his favorite actress Rashmika Mandanna movie Goodbye is releasing but what is he so delighted about as she got engaged not him. He tells her that she got engaged or he got engaged, it’s the same thing and he gets happy and goes from there. Shahana comes there and tells Prachi that she found something in Alia’s room and she takes Prachi along with her. Rhea comes into the kitchen and asks the maid which fruit is available. The maid tells which fruits are there. Rhea tells the maid that she wants to eat papaya with some chaat masala.

The maid tells her that she can’t have papaya as she is pregnant. Rhea scolds her and tells her to bring papaya in 20 minutes. Shahana takes Prachi and Sid to Sid’s room and tells them that she found a hotel Orchid card in Alia’s room. Ranbir comes there and sees them gossiping about something. Prachi notices Ranbir coming and tells them to keep quiet and they three go from there without telling Ranbir anything. Then Prachi comes out of the room and sees the maid with a bowl of papaya going to Rhea’s room. Prachi stops her and tells her not to give papaya to Rhea. Then the maid tells Prachi that Rhea has ordered her and she even informs Rhea that she can’t have Papaya during her pregnancy but she is told to bring it. Prachi takes the bowl from her and tells her to go home.

Prachi wonders why Rhea is behaving like this if she is pregnant. Wendy asks Dida why is Ranbir so happy and why is everyone congratulating Ranbir? Dida denies telling Wendy. Wendy tells Dida that if she does not tell her, she will reveal all her old affairs to everyone. Then Dida tells Wendy everything. Wendy becomes happy and they both dance in joy. Prachi is in the room and thinking about why Rhea wanted to eat papaya and have a deep tissue massage. She messages Shahana and tells her to come into the room and tells her everything. Prachi doubts if Rhea wants to do an abortion. They both decide to find out the truth. The next morning everyone gathers for breakfast and Ranbir serves everyone juice and tells them to congratulate him. Sid tells Alia that he wants to meet Mihika. Prachi and Shahana also decide to follow them to find out what’s happening.

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