In today's episode of Guddan, we see comedy and enjoyment as everyone betrays the smugglers and Abhi in a Heroic way saves Disha.

Kumkum Bhagya 12 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Meera tells everyone about smugglers

Today’s episode of 12 September 2019 Kumkum Bhagya starts as we see the priest asking everyone to gather around as hawan is going to start. Bijee feels that there is still some time but the goon makes everyone gather saying that venerations should not be delayed. While everyone is going for Hawan, Aliya looks for someone. Purab asks her about it. Aliya tells him that she was looking for Disha as Dasi had asked everyone to be present for Hawan. By that time Disha tells Dasi, she will be leaving in a moment. But Dasi insists her to wait for the hawan.

Disha looks at Purab who also asks her to stay by blinking his eyes. So Disha decides to stay back. Aliya gets irked to see that. Purab wonders why he made Disha stay back. He also feels relaxed as he assumes that Aliya must not have noticed that. But Aliya notices everything. The priest asks for a matchbox to generate fire into the hawan. The goon gives him the cigarette lighter for the same. Pallavi gets angry. She asks the priest to wait till she gets him a matchbox.

Mitali gives the matchbox. The priest makes the hawan blow with fire. Goons are happy as they feel that everyone will get unconscious with the powder mixed in the hawan. Meanwhile, the priest’s daughter makes Meera wake up. Meera gets herself untied. She also makes the daughter of the priest released. Meera asks the girl not to be scared as she will call the cops who will arrest the goons. Meera goes out to call the police. She goes into her room to take her mobile. She initially tries calling Abhi but Abhi is driving and his mobile rings on the back seat so he doesn’t hear the ring. Meera gets very panic as she wants to stop the hawan at any cost.

By that time Prachi comes in the room. Meera informs Prachi about the smugglers and their plan. Both of them determine to stop the hawan and save everyone. On the other hand, the priest picks the powder to put it in the fire set for hawan. By that time Meera arrives there. Meera alerts everyone about the smugglers. Prachi pours water into the hawan. Purab and Ranbir try to oppose them but the smuggler holds Rhea as a hostage. Everyone gets scared. But Aliya throws a copper pot on the smuggler which makes pushes him away from Rhea. Mehra family starts beating all the goons very badly. But after some time the smuggler holds Disha as a hostage. Purab gets very angry with the smuggler. Aliya gets shocked to see Purab’s reaction. The smuggler threatens to kill Disha or asks everyone to keep their mobile phones and go inside. So the goons can do their task and leave from there. By that time Abhi makes his entry as a hero. He snatches the gun from the goon. Ranbir, Purab, and Abhi start fighting with the goons.

After some time police arrive there. They arrest the goons. Abhi and entire family hail for Lord Ganesha. Meanwhile, Sarita tells Pragya about her grandson Rishi’s childhood memories. By that time Prachi and Shahana enter the house. Pragya introduces them to Rishi. Rishi tells Prachi that he also works for Abhi’s company. So Prachi tells him that both of them will be going to the office together. On the other hand, Disha is working at home. She remembers how Purab had a fight with the goons for her. She realizes that Purab still cares for her. By that time her doorbell rings. She assumes that it must be Purab but when she opened the door, she sees it is Hritik. Hritik tells her about his breakup with his girlfriend. Disha pulls his leg on the issue of his break up. Hritik requests her to let him stay at her house for the night as his wallet is with his girlfriend. Disha gets irked with him. On the other hand, Aliya keeps on thinking about Purab’s reaction when Disha was held hostage by the goons. By that time Purab enters the room. He tells Aliya that he wants to talk to him about the incidence that happened. But Aliya pretends to be very understanding and goes to sleep. The written update of 12 September 2019 Kumkum Bhagya ends here.

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