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In Kumkum Bhagya written update 11th March 2020 episode Kohli’s have fun applying colours to Vikram early morning. Aryan challenges Ranbir about not getting colour on him. Prachi manages to defeat Ranbir by putting colour on him.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 11th March 2020: Prachi wins the challenge

The episode begins with Prachi going to Pragya’s room and she finds her asleep. When she leaves, Pragya says aren’t you sleepy so Prachi says she herself is also awake. Pragya says she was thinking about Prachi while Prachi says she was thinking of Ranbir. She blames herself for what happened at the engagement and she couldn’t manage. Pragya tells her that she at least tried. She says we can only try but the results are not on us. Prachi asks her if she will come for the holi party because her presence is enough to make things right. Prachi pleads and Pragya agrees. In the morning, Pallavi, Ranbir and Beeji apply colours on Vikram while he is asleep. Vikram wakes up while Ranbir applies colour and then runs behind him. Ranbir says Pallavi and Beeji also applied, so he runs behind them. Vikram applies colour to Pallavi. While Ranbir runs, he dashes Aryan. He asks why Ranbir is running to which Ranbir says he doesn’t let anybody apply colour to him. Aryan challenges him.

Kohli’s wish each other happy holi. Ranbir somehow applies colour to Vikram and runs. Vikram runs after him. Alia applies colour to Aryan and they wish each other happy holi. Abhi arrives at the party. Abhi warns nobody will apply colour to him. Alia applies colour to Purab and Aryan hugs him from behind. Meera sees Abhi with longing and calls him. Abhi goes to the room angry as people are throwing colours. Abhi calls Bahadur with his towel. Meera gets his clothes and towel. He sees clothes on the bed and remembers Pragya and thinks that if they would be on talking terms, she would be here. Pragya enters the holi party and remembers her holi with Abhi. Prachi asks her why she stopped but she is unable to answer. Shahana says maybe she is thinking how to save herself from colours. They wish Kohli’s happy holi. Beeji is about to apply colour to Pragya but Prachi stops her. Pragya asks Ranbir why is he so clean on holi to which Aryan tells her about the challenge of not getting colour on him.

Prachi wishes Ranbir happy holi. Ranbir says she is looking good. He says his family is boring to which she says they are enjoying, he is the one neat and clean. He challenges her that even she can’t apply colour to him. Meera asks the waiter about snacks arrangement. Pragya enters there and inquires about Meera. Meanwhile, Prachi follows Ranbir and asks him where he got this attitude from. Aryan comes there and says he never lets others apply colour to him but he applies to others. Ranbir says he has always been a winner in his life except for the Maya case. Prachi says that because he didn’t face her then. Prachi says don’t provoke me, I will defeat you and you won’t be able to recognize yourself. Prachi runs behind him with colours. They enjoy playing holi. Ranbir throws colour on Prachi and she hugs Ranbir. Prachi wins the challenge by applying colour to Ranbir.

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