In Kumkum Bhagya written update 6th March 2020 while exchanging rings, Prachi comes as Ranbir's fake wife. He doesn’t recognize her first and later Kohli’s don’t accept the marriage as they are unaware of the plan.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 6th March 2020: Prachi rescues Ranbir

The episode begins with Chaubey family waiting for Kohli’s. They welcome them. Aryan teases Ranbir. Prachi waits for Dimple outside her house and calls her immediately from wherever she is and informs her she will be waiting for her. Chaubey asks Ranbir about the decor and tells him he has got all the best ones by narrating them Vishnu’s story. Chaubey takes Ranbir on stage whereas Beeji and Pallavi look and say that they had so many plans about Ranbir’s wedding. Pallavi tells Beeji about love and arranged marriage to which she says that another type is marriage on a gunpoint. Shahana and Sarita ben come and Ranbir asks about Prachi. Maya tells Ranbir she needs to talk to him and takes him away while Sarita ben says Ranbir is completely trapped. She tells him she is falling for him and Ranbir thinks why he opened his mouth in the first place and think of his ill fate. Meanwhile, Chaubey reaches there and calls them to exchange rings. Ranbir thinks when Prachi will arrive.

Aryan is about to tell Shahana about the plan but she says she knows and they argue. Sarita feels like telling Kohli’s their plan but Aryan stops her as Chaubey will doubt if he sees them happy. Its time for the engagement and Ranbir thinks why Prachi hasn’t come, is she taking some revenge. Maya puts on the ring on Ranbir’s finger and when they ask Ranbir to put the ring he says he forgot to get it, however, Chaubey had an extra ring arranged.

While Ranbir is about to put the ring, Prachi arrives with her face covered and tells him to stop. When Chaubey asks who she is, she says she is his only wife and she asks how can Ranbir get engaged when I’m here. When Maya’s mother asks she says they can ask Ranbir whether he married her 6 months ago. Ranbir thinks what happened to Dimple and why she has covered her face. He thinks he can’t say she is his wife until he sees her face. When Ranbir’s father says you are only Ranbir he says he doesn’t know the girl. Maya asks her to leave but she says let her face be uncovered first and when Ranbir calls her ‘yaar’ she says not to call her yaar and Ranbir recognizes it is Prachi.

When Maya’s mother asks her to leave he says he needs to talk to the girl. When he asks her about Dimple in the room she says that she went out for a shoot and narrates the story. She tells him because she didn’t turn up she herself came as his fake wife and that’s when Ranbir asks her you can be my wife right? He asks her why she didn’t give him a clue it was her and tells her he denied knowing her because every girl he talks to, his wedding is fixed with that girl. They come out. Kohli’s are confused about the girl. Sarita, Aryan and Shahana talk. Maya’s mother says she feels the girl is lying. Ranbir accepts that he married the girl before 6 months. Pallavi says that did this girl scare you and tells him not to take any pressure. He says that she is here to reduce pressure but Pallavi doesn’t understand. Eventually, she takes out the photo as proof but Kohli’s don’t accept their marriage and Ranbir thinks please let this marriage happen.

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