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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, Episode 1695 23rd October 2020: Abhi blames Prachi for Rhea’s condition. Ranbir is trying to prove Prachi’s innocence

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, Ep1695 23rd October 2020: Abhi is furious at Prachi

The episode starts with Abhi being furious at Prachi because he thinks that she is responsible for Rhea’s suicide attempt. He tells Prachi to call her mother as he wants to speak to her, but she replies that “Maa isn’t home”.

Sarita Behen and Pragya are out in the market. Pragya pops a question before Sarita Behen whether Prachi’s father should know about this tragedy in her life. Sarita behen agrees that he should know and tell her to call him. Pragya tries to call Abhi.

We then go back to scene one where Abhi is still mad at Prachi so much that he calls her a liar and won’t even drink water from her hand. Prachi wonders why Abhi suddenly hates her.

Pragya dials the wrong number and the call gets disconnected. Sarita behen tells her that maybe Prachi’s father doesn’t want both of them to meet. Pragya, being a little disappointed changes the topic to her daughter’s engagement to lighten the mood.

Abhi blames Prachi for Rhea’s attempt to suicide. He starts contemplating how he used to think that Prachi is a perfect daughter and praised her upbringing but all that was just a facade. According to him, all Prachi did was hurt Rhea by trying to take him and Ranbir away from her. Ranbir and Aditya are trying to figure out a plan to prove Prachi innocent.

Coming back to Abhi and Prachi, Prachi denies all the accusations. Abhi isn’t ready to believe her he says few more hurtful things and leaves the place. Prachi sits there crying thinking about all that Abhi said.


Pragya and Sarita tell Rhea not to worry as they will take care of her. Prachi says Rhea did everything all because of her.

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