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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, Episode1697 26th October 2020, we see that Pragya wants to meet Abhi, while Aliya plans to kill her so that she cannot talk to Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, Ep1697 26th October 2020: Aliya Wants To Kill Pragya

The episode starts with Ranbir recalling everything and later he tells Dida that he is going in his room to freshen up. Pallavi exclaims that Prachi looks so innocent yet she affected her family, and also says that Rhea got saved somehow and is worried how she will save Ranbir. Mitali tells Aliya that someone called on the landline and was asking about Abhi, her mom thought that she’s Pragya, but she assumes that she cannot be Pragya. Mitali thinks that Abhi must have slapped Prachi by now. Meanwhile, Pragya is in the cab and is asking the location of Mehra Pharmaceutical company.

Aliya thinks that she cannot stop Pragya so she might kill her instead, and Aliya hits Pragya’s car, people gather and say that it seems that she has died.

Later, Ranbir is thinking about Prachi and also their moment, he suddenly recalls that Pallavi ended her relation with Prachi and blamed her for Rhea’s attempt to suicide. Dida enters his room, Ranbir tells Dida that he loves Prachi, and also says that he does not have any feeling for Rhea.
Ranbir asks Pallavi to understand his love for Prachi, Pallavi replies that if he cares about her then he will never take Prachi’s name or else Ranbir will see her dead face, Pallavi also says that if Ranbir wants to call her ‘Mother’ then he has to forget Prachi.

PRECAP: Pragya meets Abhi, she says that she would have barred him if he gave any advice to his daughter, she can’t bear anything against her daughter. Aliya arrives

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