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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode 1699 28th October 2020, we see that Pragya and Abhi have an agreement on Rhea. Aliya accuses Pragya of revenge act on Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1699 28th October 2020: Aliya blames Pragya for Rhea’s situation

In the start of the episode, we see Ranbir talking to Aryan about his love confession to Prachi and the hindrance that is keeping them apart. Aryan tells him to call Prachi, Ranbir does so. Ranbir and Prachi talk on the phone about how their relationship can hurt so many people. Prachi is sure that she does not want any relation, whereas Ranbir still wants to pursue his love for her.

Later, Sarita offers a cup of milk to Prachi. Prachi thinks she did a mistake by informing maa, but Sarita consoles her and says she did the right thing.

Abhi and Pragya meet, Abhi asks if Prachi is doing well. Pragya asks Abhi the same thing about Rhea and says that she is not a bad girl but just a good girl walking on a wrong path. Pragya says that Rhea tried to kill Prachi, Abhi bluntly refuses. While they are talking about the matter, Aliya interrupts their conversation. After learning about the happening she starts blaming Pragya for leaving her husband and her daughter in the first place. Abhi tells Aaliya that Pragya did not leave the house on her wishes. Pragya says that she curses that day that she left and regrets it. Aliya emotionally blackmails Abhi by saying that loving Prachi too much is the result for Rhea’s condition. According to Aliya, Pragya is taking revenge from Abhi by not coming to meet Rhea even once after they moved to Delhi. Pragya denies all the allegations from Aliya and says that she and Prachi are innocent.

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