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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, Episode 1702 31st October 2020, we see that Aliya tries to kill Pragya as she doesn't want Pragya to meet Prachi. Abhi saves Pragya with his car.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, Ep1702 31st October 2020: Abhi Saves Pragya

The episode starts with Aliya thinking that she told Abhi so much about Pragya but he still has a soft corner for her. Aryan informs Aliya that Pragya came to meet Rhea. Prachi gets down from the car and thanks him for dropping her. Prachi starts walking and thinks that she heard Abhi calling her Beti. Prachi falls, and Abhi runs towards and says that nothing can hide from parents. Prachi tells him that she has never seen her father, but she wishes that she has a father like him. Abhi says your Papa will be proud of you.

Aliya arrives near the city hospital and sees Pragya. Pragya sees Prachi. Aliya decides to stop Pragya meeting Prachi by killing her. Prachi sees a car coming towards Pragya. Prachi runs to save her, Abhi also arrives in his car and sees that a car is about to hit Pragya. Abhi saves Pragya by getting his car in the middle. Abhi thinks that the car looks similar to Aliya’s car.

Rhea apologizes to Ranbir and asks him to promise her that he will never stop talking to her. Rhea wants to go home. Ranbir takes Rhea with him. Aliya thinks Pragya and Prachi both always create problems in their life.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya why she wants to keep Prachi away from him.

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