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In Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode1715 18th November 2020, we see that Rhea tells Pragya that she never loved her as she loved Prachi. Rhea says that Pragya is her namesake mother.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Ep1715 18th November 2020:  Rhea argues with Pragya

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Pragya telling Rhea that she will talk to her later. Sanju jumps out from the window and runs away. Pragya too jumps out of the window and follows him.
Rhea thinks that Pragya should have not come in this room. She says that she doesn’t care. Then Rhea thinks that if Sanju gets caught then it will be a police case and Abhi will come to know that Rhea was behind all this. Rhea follows them.

Meanwhile, Sahana asks Prachi if she did find something odd about Abhi, as he is talking sweetly. She also says that Abhi is behaving as he is Prachi’s real dad.
Prachi tells Sahana that when emotions are real, then everything is real. Prachi explains to Sahana that some relations are special than blood relations, which are made by heart, and Abhi’s and Prachi’s relation is such.

Coming back, Sanju comes near his car and realises that he forgot his keys in Rhea’s house. He thinks that his Sasuma will send him to jail and tries to run. Pragya catches him and asks him how dare he tries to kill her daughter.

Sanju takes out his knife and points it on Pragya. Rhea comes there and asks Sanju to leave Pragya.
Ranbir arrives. Sanju panics and runs. Rhea takes a shawl, covers Pragya and takes her home.

Pragya is angry. She says that when Prachi did not die in that accident, Rhea paid Sanju to kill her. Pragya tells Rhea that Prachi is very innocent and she never tried to harm anyone, yet Rhea blamed Prachi for her suicide.

Rhea gets angry and says that Pragya did not love her as she loves Prachi. She did not come to meet Rhea when she was in the hospital. Rhea says that Prachi is nobody to her. Pragya tells her that Prachi is her sister, and Pragya is her mother. Rhea replies that she is for namesake her mother and leaves.

Pragya thinks that it is her mistake that she was not there when Rhea needed her. She thinks to apologise to Rhea.

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