Kumkum Bhagya Written update S01 Ep 1971 9th October 2021 we can see that, Pragya loses the game and gets frantic about the trouble she will face from Abhi. Later they both are surprised when they see Aaliya in the office.

The episode begins with Pragya asking Abhi to try to win at the opening of the episode. If I win, Abhi says you must obey me for 20 minutes. Pragya recalls Abhi’s previous failure to strike the bullseye and advises him to take a 24-hour break. Dadi beams and exclaims in Hindi, “Bullseye!” Abhi claims to be reading the mantra and cheating. Let her read, Dadi adds, and you’ll win. Abhi and Pragya are playing a game, according to Dadi. Mitali expresses her support for Abhi and begs Tai Ji to be her cheerleader. We’ll just clap and cheer for Abhi, Tai Ji says. It landed in the middle, according to Pragya. Pragya informs me that my match has begun.
Shagun says she will support Abhi, but she will also support Pragya Madam because there are so many people on his side. Abhi claims to have won the game against Pragya. Tai Ji claims that we took the train and arrived here. He says he’ll call you the next time we play a game. Mitali summons Abhi and informs him that they must disembark at the next station.

Pragya will lose tomorrow, according to Aaliya, and she will be surprised to see the person in her workplace. Aaliya delivers one piece of bad news while giving the other away for free. Tanu gives her two pieces of bad news, amazing. Pallavi claims that who calls on a landline these days. Dida claims that while trash calls are made on mobile phones, critical calls are made on landlines Rajeshwari Ji claims that she has spoken with committee members and that they all want you to be the foundation’s chairperson. Pragya asks how he can win. Pragya claims he will torment me for the next 24 hours. Pragya, according to Sushma, was exhausted. Abhi tells her to take it easy today and that they’ll get back to work tomorrow. Pragya says, “I’m going to change my clothes and go to bed.”

Abhi claims she was never arrogant before and accuses you of poor upbringing. Abhi suggests that she was spoiled as a result of my presence and advises her to slap her next time. He says we’ll play this game every day and that he’s not celebrating today. Pragya misunderstands and replies that if you get out of bed, I’ll get out of the sofa Pragya bids him good night and vows to rid him of his alcohol addiction one day. He claims that the watchman informed him that there is a ghost in the house. Yes, Pragya says. Abhi sleeps after saying evening. Pragya and Abhi arrive at the office the next day. He adds, “OK, sleep on the bed.” I won’t say anything, but we’ll be separated by pillows. Pragya is concerned since the tender will be opened today, and whoever wins it will be a successful businessman. He claims he is here because Pragya couldn’t keep the shares separate. Aaliya says she works with him in a 50-50 partnership and that she will be his partner in the company that opposes Pragya. She claims that she will steal all of Pragya’s information and deliver it to you. Aaliya claims we stay in her home and have access to her laptop, closet, and other belongings. According to Aaliya, she is collaborating with Gaurav Thapar.

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