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In Kumkum Bhagya, Written Updates, Ep 1757 12th January 2021, we see that Ranbir finds out the truth behind Prachi breaking up with him.

Kumkum Bhagya, Written Updates, Ep 1757 12th January 2021: Ranbir finds out the truth

The episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she’s happy for him and his happiness is her happiness. Purab on the other hand is thinking of uniting Abhi and Pragya but Aaliya is not supportive of that idea. Ranbir keeps following Prachi and she strictly asks him not to do so. He is curious as to why Prachi is pushing him away and if Rhea has asked her to do so. Prachi cries but holds her feelings and asks Ranbir to stop following her or she would have to beat him the next time.

Sarita Behen calls Prachi and Prachi leaves crying and tells her that she could bear anything for her mother hoping that Rhea would fulfill her promises.

Rhea thinks of talking to Meera to cancel the wedding. But Aaliya comes in and takes her away. She tries to make Rhea understand but she is adamant that she will make the marriage stop. Aaliya decides to let Rhea go. Pragya is in the room crying when Sarita Behen enters and confronts her that she will get used to it as Abhi will be marrying someone else. Pragya tells her that she would not be attending the wedding.

Sarita Behen calls Dadi and tells her that Pragya won’t be attending the wedding but Dadi asks Prachi to convince her.

Shahana asks Prachi to tell Ranbir the whole truth but she is afraid that he would be hurt. Ranbir is inclined towards knowing what’s going o so decides to kidnap Shahana with the help of Jai. Jai is worried about the matter getting serious but then decides to help him anyway. They both enter Prachi’s house, kidnap Shahana and take her to their car. They tie her up and ask her why Prachi wants to break up with him. When he asks if Rhea is influencing her to do so, Shahana nods a yes. Ranbir is happy that it wasn’t Prachi’s decision and wants to show Rhea how it feels

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