Ranbir is contemplating Prachi at the beginning of the episode. Ranbir pretends to be sleeping when he sees someone approaching. When Rhea enters Ranbir’s room and notices that he is dozing off, she calls Alia. What did Prachi say? Alia queries. Rhea asserts that she is not her mother’s daughter. Alia rephrases her query. Rhea promises to speak up once she breaks right. She is a challenging case. Rhea promises to speak with you outside. Ranbir overheard Rhea discussing Prachi on the phone. Ranbir pursues her to learn what they are discussing with Prachi.

Prachi recalls what transpired with Rhea. Prachi claims that she made a mistake by keeping her pregnancy a secret because if she had, everyone would have been delighted and she would have taken Rhea’s position. I exploited my kid as a tool out of selfishness. She is comforted by Shahana. According to Shahana, you should stand up for your child right now and make sure he gets your love when he comes out. You now have the battle to win to protect your child.

Alia claims to be in her bedroom. For no one to hear them, Rhea claims she has come out and is speaking to her. Yes, according to Alia, you never know who is listening in on someone else. Rhea is asked to meet Alia on the balcony. Rhea looks behind. Rhea finds Ranbir hiding. Informing Rhea that she has a ritual, Pallavi says, “Let’s go to Daljeet’s room.” Rhea promises to arrive shortly because she has the stuff to do. It is not more significant than ritual, according to Pallavi. Pallavi promises to bring a few items from the kitchen. Ranbir believes that if his mother hadn’t arrived, he would have understood what Rhea was considering about Prachi. When Vikram sees Ranbir, he remarks, “You hardly visit my room.”

There is nothing like it, according to Ranbir. According to Vikram, he is always available to chat with him and claims to understand his condition. Ranbir describes how, while inebriated, he mistakenly had s*x with Rhea believing that she was Prachi. He is comforted by Vikram, who adds that sometimes we must pay for our errors, just as you are doing right now. You can pay for it without feeling guilty. You can correct this error by paying. How can he fix this error, wonders Ranbir? Vikram claims that you are smarter than I am because you correctly comprehend what I’m attempting to express.

Rhea and Pallavi enter Daljeet’s room. To prevent Rhea from receiving the evil eye from others, Pallavi asks Daljeet to perform an evil eye warding ceremony for her. Daljeet concurs and performs the ceremony for warding off the evil eye while holding some Mirchi in her palm. Dida is thanked by Pallavi for doing it. Ranbir saw it happen. Dida claims she took the action for her family and their home. She invites Rhea to follow her to her room. Pallavi and Rhea depart.

Prachi is offered water by Shahana, but she declines. This toofan will settle shortly, according to Shahana. It won’t, according to Prachi. Shahana queries why Rhea arrived. Rhea is described as being immature by Prachi, but She noticed a shift in her because, for the first time, she began to worry about other people. This may be because she is about to become a mother.

Rhea, according to Shahana, is self-centred, uses well-chosen words, and only considers her interests. Prachi is asked by Ranbir if she spoke to Rhea when he arrives. Shahana is asked by Prachi to send Ranbir. Ranbir requests Prachi’s patience while he settles things by asking Shahana to ask Prachi. It’s already late, according to Prachi. She informs him that their relationship is over. Ranbir remembers her pregnancy and inquires as to whether or not they had any children. Prachi restrains herself from announcing her pregnancy. She asserts that she will claim ownership of him and his home. She is asked to accept it by Ranbir, who also requests that she exercise her legal rights by informing him of her pregnancy.

Prachi questions Ranbir about her rights and the need for constant advocacy. Why is it the case? Ranbir crouch-sits down. They are seen by Rhea. Ranbir promises to carry out her instructions. Prachi promises to stay at home and fight for her legal rights. I want you to stay here, and I never want you to leave me, adds Ranbir. Prachi commands, “Stop it; I can’t take it; you’ve gone too far.” She exits the room. To get Prachi into the room, Ranbir asks Shahana. He turns around and sees Rhea. Shahana moves after Prachi. When Rhea sees Alia, she informs her that her strategy failed, her notion was a failure, and Prachi now views her as a loser. She is urged to get to the point by Alia. Rhea is asked to rest by Pallavi when she arrives there. Pallavi goes with Rhea.