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In this episode, Karina tries to browbeat Sarla regarding all the bad things that take place in their family are due to them.

Kundali Bhagya 03 Sept 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Karina threatens Sarla

Today’s episode of 03 Sept 2019 Kundali Bhagya starts as we see Karan and Preeta both are seen going on the bike. Karan is riding the bike but Preeta tells him that he isn’t riding in a proper way, the way he is riding is hurting herself due to the bumps. So Karan stops the bike and gets off and lends the keys to Preeta and tells her to ride but she says that she doesn’t know how to ride. Karan asks her if she has her mobile she answers that she has lost it, he starts to taunt her for being foolish but when she asks the same question he says that he is a boy and can do what he wants.

Karina asks what he has just said, Rishab explains that she heard it correctly and it is that he loves her, everyone is left shocked, he then explains that he loves her as a friend because there is no one more simple than her she has the best character and if she wants to go inside then must promise to not say anything to Preeta and her family, She gets quiet but eventually agrees to remain quiet.

Prithvi’s mother reaches where Sherlin has called her but she is nowhere to be found, Sherlin comes from behind surprising her which scares her, Sherlin is worried as she always used to say that she was a witch who always scaring everyone, She taunts her for saying all the bad things, but Sherlin is playing games with her, she asks her why she has called her to meet at such late hour, Sherlin forces her mother to apologise but she says that she has to hold her hands and then apologise again.

Sherlin explains that she will not save him, his mother then calls her with a lot of bad names which makes her get angry then she leaves, his mother gets emotional saying that she will make sure he gets free and will also marry Preeta because she is very suitable for her.
Preeta and Karan are walking, he asks her why she is not wearing red clothes as he has heard that the devil takes away such girls who wear these type of clothes, she tries to scare her even more but she pays no heed then he screams at which She comes running to him, he explains that he is just joking.

Karan asks him why she is marrying Prithvi but has his best wishes as he respects her decision but he does not like Prithvi a bit, he is about to tell her his feelings but stops, she asks him what he meant by it, he asks her to come as they have found a car, he tries to open it but it is locked then he takes her ear pin and opens the car, when it starts she comes running, she says that this is wrong and they should not do this, he says that he can manage anything because of his fame.

Dadi comes into the police station, asking Sarla why she is defending Prithvi who is behind the accident of Mahesh, Karina says that if she is defending him then this means that she is also involved with him, Shrishti asks her to stop accusing her mother as she does not want her to insult her mother. Rishab explains that the fight is not between their families saying that she must understand as she is herself very mature, Shrishti answers that she also wants Prithvi to get the punishment which he deserves as she feels he is not a good person but this does not give them the right to insult her mother.

Just then the lady inspector comes in the station saying that she does not want any sort of fight in her station, the male inspector says that the shift has changed also saying that the lady inspector will not tolerate them. She takes the charge ordering them to remain calm otherwise she will put each and everyone off them in jail. She asks Sarla why is it taking so long for the proof to come, she also gives them one house to gather what they can otherwise she will throw them out of the station, Sarla goes to the room calling Prithvi’s mother, she asks her if she has taken the proof but she explains that she is just about to reach the Chachi, Sarla explains that the inspectors shift has changed so the other lady inspector has given them one hour to collect the proof otherwise the process will be shifted to the next working day, She gets emotional explaining that she will get the proof and come as soon as possible.

Sarla ends the call, Karina enters the room from behind mentioning that she warned Rakhi that their family will cause a lot of problems for the Luthra house but she never listened. Sarla says that she also said that Preeta wanted to marry Rishab however he got married to Sherlin whom Karina also liked, then she complained that Preeta wants to marry Karan however she is marrying Prithvi, Saral asks what she said that her daughter will cause problems for the Luthra house but they have been the one causing problems for them at their wedding ceremony, it is their family who is the enemies of the Auroras.

Sarla is about to leave when Karina says that she should marry Preeta to someone who is better than Prithvi so that she should not come back to their house, Sarla assures that she will never come back to their family house. The written update of 03 Sept 2019 Kundali Bhagya ends here.

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