In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, we see Prithvi s arrested for an attempt of murder and Karan attacks him while he is held in the police station.

Kundali Bhagya 04 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Karan Attacks Prithvi

Today’s episode of 04 September 2019 starts as wee see Rishabh walk out to meet Shrishti, he tells her that he was crossing from here and so came to have a meet, he asks her if they all think of him having a grudge against Prithvi, but Shrishti tells him that she does not have any issue but just has a feeling that Sarla is not understanding and feels hurt hence she was worried, She also requests him to make sure of him getting punished. Rishabh joyfully thanks her for understanding and making him feel comfortable. He hugs her before going which Karina sees from behind and worries.

Preeta feels happy for being with Karan as she had missed him when he was away for a short period of time. Karan observes her smiling and asks her if the reason for her smile was Prithvi which she denies.

After some time we see Preeta and Karan fight and he angrily starts driving fast, they get into an argument while he is driving, as a result, they meet with a small accident. Preeta tells him that the accident injury is very less if compared to the injury Karan gave her heart. They continue driving and go to a police station as Prithvi had been arrested for a murder attempt on Mahesh.
Karan enters the station and holds Prithivi by his neck to chock him up he was angry on Prithvi for being behind his father’s accident.

Meanwhile, we see Rishabh and Preeta plead to a police constable to allow them inside when another one tells them about the fight inside, so they go inside and try their best to free both of them, Preeta gets hurt in all this process and they had to break free to help her. Prithvi also tells Preeta that he is innocent.

Everyone tries to cool Karan down telling him that the police will be doing their best to give Prithvi his deserved punishment. A lady inspector enters and warns Karan to stop all his actions. Preeta brings out a very important proof of Prithvi’s innocense, But Karan disagrees and says that she was just trying to protect him, Preeta explains to him why she was doing it. She also tells him the story of what happened before the accident. Preeta asks Sarla to recollect the moment when Mahesh had come to their house and what happened at that time. Karina responds that both of them are about to be relatives so will support him, Preeta tells her that her mother is won’t lie. Preeta also suggests calling the designer present at the time before the accident as proof. The written update of 04 September 2019 Kundali Bhagya ends here.

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