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In this episode of Kundali Bhagya Prithvi is proved to be innocent and not a criminal and he is rescued from the jail.

Kundali Bhagya 05 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Prithvi is Proved to be Innocent

Today’s episode of 05 September 2019 starts as we see Kundali Bhagya Preeta asks Karan what he wants to talk about, Karan says that he now feels that what the elders say that they have to pay for their past sins is true because he met her, someone who is defending the criminal who had tried to kill his father. Preeta explains that she is doing this because she knows he is innocent, Karan says that he is wrong as Mahesh said it himself, Preeta explains that he also blamed her for the same act when she came to meet Mahesh in the hospital.

Karan says that she should stop what she is doing because it will have consequence, she asks what will happen as he already hates her which she can bear but cannot bear such talk of his, she is adamant to save him saying that she will stand by an innocent but he explains that she wants to save Prithvi, he asks if he means anything in her life and what is the value of him as compared to Prithvi, she answers that she has more importance of Prithvi in her than him, he asks who would defend her from him she walks out and he gets frustrated.

Karan and Preeta come, he asks what is happening, inspector says that there is a drama going on as the designer is not picking the call, Karan asks her what more does she want as there is no one coming, Prithvi’s mother comes with the designer and when asked he says that he was with Prithvi, they both yell at him blaming that he is lying, urging him to tell the truth, Preeta pleads that they both calm down as otherwise, he might not tell the truth, the designer explains that he was with Prithvi at his house and they were designing his clothes. The inspector orders to release Prithvi as they do not have any right to hold him, she also asks the designer to give his statement.

Karan is frustrated when Prithvi comes coughing, saying that he tried to do all that he could top land him in jail, Prithvi explains that he tried to harm him but now he will stand face to face against Prithvi but he was not aware that the fielder was Prithvi, he explains that he came out of the jail, he also took back his position on the Mandap when he knocked him down.

Prithvi says that he might love her but she loves Prithvi and proved this by making sure he gets free, Karan says that he has no interest in being the hero in Preeta’s life as he hates her, Prithvi doesn’t believe him saying that he is lying, Karan says that he wanted to get married because he had to take his revenge, Prithvi says that they both were fighting secret wars but now they are in the open and can do it face to face. Preeta’s family come, they both stand face to face, Sarla says that they have completed the formalities and now can leave, he says that he is happy to see that they love her, Sarla asks him to hurry as it has gotten very late for the wedding. Prithvi also leaves taunting him.

The Luthra come trying to calm Karan explaining that they will prove Prithvi is the criminal, Karan leaves Rishab also asks all of them to go back home as he has something to do, Rishab vows to do anything that he can to prove the reality of Prithvi.

Prithvi gets into the car with everyone he feels that his mother is really tensed, he gets a call from Sherlin explaining that she wants to meet him at the back of the police station, he explains that he has to sign a paper and leaves.

Sherlin is waiting for him, he greets her but she tries to kill him saying that he has cheated on her because he first tried to act as if he is her lover but is now marrying Preeta, he tries to explain that someone might see them but she has no fear as she is really frustrated.
Prithvi asks her to hurry and tell her what she has to say, she enquires why is he in such a hurry, he says that she must understand that if he gets married with Preeta then it will be the most beneficial for the both of them, Sherlin explains that she was the one who saved him but it was because they had a beautiful past, he gets worried thinking that she was the one who saved him, she explains that at first she refused to help her but then thought that if he tells the truth then it will be problematic for her so she helped him.

She explains that when they were together and waiting for the call of raga he got a call from whom he told that he was with designer, she explains that she thought of what to do and so-called the designer and after giving him money explained what he has to say when she called his mother and asked her to take him inside.

Karan and Sameer sit in the car, he is very angry Sameer asks if they should go home but he explains that they will go to the wedding as he has to marry Preeta.

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