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In Kundali Bhagya written update 2nd March 2020 episode Sarla doesn’t trust Karan as she thinks he helped them to save Sherlyn. Mahesh stars recovering, so Sherlyn gets tensed. Preeta and Karan dream about each other.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta’s dreamy moment

The episode begins with Beeji asking Sarla to be happy as Karan supported them, but she denies that saying he did that to save the reputation of the Luthra’s. Janki tries to tell her that she is misunderstanding him, but she says that Sherlyn is responsible for Preeta’s case and if she Preeta testifies in court, it will affect Luthra’s and so they acted to support Preeta to save their daughter-in-law. She tells she won’t trust Luthra’s ever and also they just acted to help Preeta in the current case. Preeta hears everything and leaves.

At the Luthra’s place, Doctor checks Mahesh and says that he is recovering well. Sherlyn wants him to die as he knows her truth. Mahira wants him to get well so her wedding won’t be affected. Sherlyn worries because if Mahesh gets well, she will be out of the Luthra house and Preeta will be in.

Preeta thinks Sarla is right in her place but she believes Karan genuinely helped her. She thinks about him having a special place in her heart and decides to call him to say thanks. On the other end, Karan tries to call Preeta to inform about Mahesh. The calls don’t connect. Mahira expresses her happiness over Mahesh’ improving condition and tells her to be grateful to him as because of him Luthra’s forgave her. But Sherlyn still seems tensed and Mahira asks her why? She recalls about the plan to kill Mahesh.

Kareena comes around Mahira and Mahira acts to cancel the party due to Karan’s unavailability. Kareena assures her that Karan would attend the party and so she gets happy. Karan dreams about Preeta waking him, but it was actually Mahira. Mahira thinks Karan likes to be with her and she will be his reality. Karan wakes Preeta and she gets shocked to see him.

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