Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1366: Preeta is approached by terrorists who order her to come out. She claims she just arrived at the school to pick up her daughter.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1366: Arjun defeats the terrorists

In today’s Kundali Bhagya episode, Rishabh and Srishti notice the terrorist’s escape at the start of the episode. Prithvi requests that more terrorists be organized. Few enemies, he claims, are approaching. He cautions him not to undervalue their adversaries. The terrorist informs him that he has already gathered a few individuals, and they are waiting for his command. He is asked to call them by Prithvi. The terrorist calls his soldiers and commands them to enter the building. He is informed by Prithvi that Kavya ought to be with them. They can use Kavya as a shield, he says. Kavya should be brought to their room, he requests.

However, media reports claim that a new police inspector will take over moving forward. There is a police inspector there. He gets questioned about his strategy by journalists. The Inspector of Police, however, ignores them. He discovers that helicopters are what terrorists want. He claims that by requesting a helicopter, terrorists are delaying their plans. He claims that the terrorists’ plan is significant. He questions the senior Police inspector about their strategy.

He is informed by an elderly police inspector that no plan was carried out because the commissioner, who called from a private number, demanded that they comply with terrorist demands because many children of prominent people were still enrolled in school. He is told by the police inspector that he won’t listen to anyone. He claims he can’t wait since it’s important for the students’ safety. He advises them to launch an attack first. His granddaughter is inside the school, Rakhi informs him. To preserve her granddaughter, she begs him. She is assured by him that he will also save the other students and her grandchild.

Kavya is searched by Preeta inside the school. She pretends not to see the terrorists. Preeta is seen by Arjun. He believes that Preeta is the reason he avoided his daughter. He believes she did a poor job of hiding. Preeta is approached by terrorists who order her to come out. Preeta claims she just arrived to pick up her daughter. Arjun defeats the terrorist. Preeta accidentally fires near Arjun after taking the rifle. Arjun reprimands her and tells her to go. After defeating the attackers, he took Preeta.

Arjun is informed by Preeta that she must go to preserve her daughter. She is informed by Arjun that Kavya is also his daughter. She queries how he is able to say that. Kavya is like a daughter to him, she tells him. She claims that because of him, Kavya is in danger. She is informed by him that she is to blame for everything. She nearly killed him, he claims to her. Kavya is his daughter, he informs her. She remembers accidentally shooting at him. He is informed by her that it was an accident. She cautions him not to stray near Kavya and leaves.

The police arrive at the school. Preeta is comforted by Rishabh as she sobs. Arjun notices this. He remembers how he came up with the name Kavya for her daughter. He is asked by Anjali why he is crying. Kavya is his daughter, he tells her. Preeta is residing at the Luthra residence and using Kavya, she informs him. According to her, Preeta wed Rishabh to be with Kavya. She tells him she is pleased he discovered Kavya is his daughter. He informs her that Preeta must make amends for keeping him apart from Kavya. He then proceeds to leave after declaring that he must save Kavya. She is curious about Nidhi’s response.