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Kundali Bhagya 30 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Prithvi is told to prove his innocence but Sherlyn refused to help him.

Kundali Bhagya 30 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Prithvi asks Sherlyn for help

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 30 August episode begins with Rishabh challenging Prithvi to prove that he was innocent. Sarla scolded Rishabh for insulting Prithvi on purpose. Rishabh defended himself saying Prithvi was really a culprit. Sarla felt bad. Rakhi asked Sarla to understand that a bad person couldn’t be part of the family. Sarla didn’t think Prithvi could try to kill Mahesh. Prithvi told the inspector that he was innocent. He apologized and tried to clarify that he was helpless, he had to go and get married, since his bride was waiting. He told Sarla that he loved Preeta (Shraddha Arya) a lot. Rishabh was ready to file the complaint. Prithvi wanted Rishabh to bring proof first and then speak. Inspector asked Prithvi to get proof of his innocence.

He didn’t want to release Prithvi. Prithvi thought that Sherlyn could save him from the police. He didn’t know if she would help him or not, since she was against his marriage. He thought to please Sherlyn and get a favor from her. He agreed to provide the proof of his innocence. He wanted a chance to contact someone to seek help. Sameer was worried for Karan. He felt Karan got kidnapped by Raka again. Karan was really caught up by Prithvi’s goons. They took him away in a car. Karan failed in his struggles. Prithvi called Sherlyn to get help, but it was in vain. He was happy that Sarla was still on his side than the Luthras.

Prithvi failed to get any help. Rishabh wanted to see who would come to help Prithvi. He wanted to punish Prithvi. Prithvi told them that he wasn’t involved in Mahesh’s accident. He called Mahesh a reckless driver to put himself in danger. Rishabh lost his cool. Inspector stopped their fight and threatened to put Prithvi behind bars. Prithvi finally connected to Sherlyn and begged her for help. She vented anger on him for trying to marry Preeta. She scolded him for his cheating. He explained her that the one she met in the marriage hall wasn’t him. She refused to help him. She told him that she will send him to the jail for his crime to double cross her. He felt she was too angered and may not help him. She threatened to make his life hell. She wanted his mum to apologize to her. She learned that Prithvi was in the police station.

He told her how Karan and Rishabh had trapped him in Mahesh’s accident case. He asked Sherlyn to prove his innocence and free him. Sherlyn was happy that Rishabh had finally sent Prithvi behind bars. She threatened to get his punishment increased if he contacted her again. She denied trusting him. She was proud that Rishabh took the right step. Prithvi failed to prove himself. He got badly trapped. Shrishti informed Preeta about Rishabh’s big accusation. She felt that Prithvi was wrong. Preeta wanted to know why Shrishti hated Prithvi. Preeta waited for her groom Prithvi. She found Karan absent for long and wondered where he was, that he didn’t arrive even knowing about the police case filed on Prithvi for Mahesh’s accident. She thought if Karan wasn’t aware of Rishabh’s move to punish Prithvi. She got suspicious that he had found himself in peril. The written update of 30 August 2019 Kundali Bhagya episode full story ends here.

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